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AFRICA – “Do not give any respite to Macky Sall” Nathalie Yamb



Nathalie Yamb, the Swiss-Cameroonian activist and activist, spoke out on the tense situation in Senegal from Thursday March 4 to Monday March 8, 2021 with a series of demonstrations across the country. Clashes that claimed the lives of 14 young Senegalese and caused nearly 590 injuries. For good reason, the arrest of the main opponent, Ousmane Sonko, who is accused of rape and threat of death by a masseuse in a salon called Sweet Beauty. Nathalie Yamb holds the government of Macky Sall responsible, whom she accuses of being under the orders of France. For the 51-year-old activist, this uprising of the Senegalese people is the consequence of “the bad governance of an autocratic, nepotist and corrupt regime in the recurrent instrumentalization of justice to eliminate political opponents. Here are his words in a video. posted on social networks on Tuesday, March 10, 2021. She began her statement by citing the names of people who lost their lives during these unprecedented and murderous protests.

“Baye Cheikh Diop, Cheikh Coly, Famara Goudiaby, Pape Sidi Mbaye, Cheikhouna Ndiaye, Sadio Camara, Mansour Thiam, Moussa Dramé, Alassane Barry, Modou ndiaye, Bounama Sall. These names are those of some of the victims of the war in Macky Sall against the Senegalese people. They were 12, 17, 18, 20, 21 years old, the oldest was 35 years old. They were killed on his instructions not by the police but by forces under the orders of the tyrant May they rest in peace and their loved ones be comforted!

Hello, my name is Nathalie “Yamb”, that means “bee in Wolof”. Considering what is going on, it is impossible for me not to talk about Senegal today. So I turned upside down what I had planned to make this video […] which will be more focused on current events to, on the one hand, once again express my support to all those who are fighting proudly and courageously for freedom, the rule of law in Senegal and to tell you two or three things that will undoubtedly sting some, it is the trademark of a bee, isn’t it?

Monday, faced with an unprecedented popular revolt which had followed the arbitrary arrests of Ousmane Sonko but also of Guy Marius Sagna, Thiate and Kilifeu of the collective “y’en a marre”, and many other opponents and activists, the regime Macky Sall’s offender was forced to backtrack and release under judicial conditions the leader of the apposition and holder of the aspiration for change of Senegalese youth, Ousmane Sonko.

As he had done that with the former mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Sall, at the time there was nothing. The Senegalese president said to himself that he was going to use the same springs again, but he got it wrong. If the arrest of Sonko was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the reasons for the anger are to be found in the bad governance of an autocratic, nepotist and corrupt regime in the recurrent instrumentalisation of justice for eliminate political opponents and in endemic poverty which has increased with the completely shifted and liberticidal measures stupidly copied from France, introduced by the Senegalese president, the man who finds great pride in reminding national and international opinion that Senegalese riflemen were privileged during World War II because, unlike other Africans, they received desserts.

On the other hand, when it came to paying them their pay, it was not chocolate mousse, vanilla éclairs that they received but rather bursts of machine guns fired at point blank range by soldiers of the army of France that they had helped to liberate. An execution, a massacre that France tried to cover up. I recommend that you read the comic strip “Dead for France” published by Les Arènes […] which looks back on this barbaric and shameful episode as there are so many in French colonial history. The descendants of the martyrs of Thiaroye will have fully appreciated the degrading output of Macky Sall.

We are a family, he had the audacity to ramble on in an insipid televised address he held on Monday evening after the president of the newly released Pastef gave an anthology speech a few hours before. Ah well, when you, Macky Sall, are you of the family of those that you yourself qualify as unemployed, that your minister of injustice describes as idle wrestlers, and that your sinister from the inside calls for terrorists. That’s how you treat your family, Macky Sall, you get your kids killed, Macky, we know how you treat your family. When it’s your brother Aliou who pockets the bribes on the oil money, you do everything in your power to protect him and save him from justice. When there is Covid-19, your wife takes the vaccines to vaccinate at home, all your family members and your clan. You take your brother-in-law, you appoint him a quiet minister. When French journalists are killed in Paris, you jump on your plane to parade like a charlot crying that you are Charlie, that’s how you treat your real family. Otherwise when the 140 young people who were trying to flee the misery that you have imposed on them for nine years, drowned off the Senegalese coast in October 2020, it is in vain that we waited for a tear or a word of compassion from your go. And in Senegal, the independent media, you have them blocked on Canal + from Bolloré your corrupting friend to whom you passed the ro-ro terminal at the port of Dakar once you came to power.

I really hope that the Senegalese will no longer be fooled, an individual like Macky Sall will unfortunately never have the honor necessary to recognize that he has failed, betrayed his oath taken in front of the people and that it is necessary that he is stepping down so that early elections can be held within 60 to 90 days as provided for in the Constitution. On the contrary, all the plots that he tirelessly foments with the help of magistrates and corrupt officials to eliminate his potential adversaries show that the type risks running again in 2024. That, that will not happen unless the populations decline. keep. The struggle is not over with the provisional release of Ousmane Sonko. He will try to wear you down during the three years that separate us from the next presidential elections. Macky Sall will attack very emblematic figures to break the resistance and will launch his cops on lambdas protesters who will be arrested on the basis of photos and videos posted on social networks before it raises crowds. You have to stay mobilized, you have to stay in the streets and keep up the pressure or you’re screwed. And those who have not yet been released, will remain in tin joined by others like Cheikh Diouf who was arrested by the elements of the police at the exit of the Aristide le Dantec hospital where he had gone to change his bandage. . Cheikh had his hand amputated after being shot and wounded during protests at UCAD. […]
Don’t give Macky Sall a break. He must resign, he must be dislodged from the palace. […]

In the meantime, a word of advice: keep a low profile because it is these kinds of hazardous and contemptuous exit that will make that next time, it is not only 14 stores that will be destroyed but the remaining 17 as well. other French businesses and interests above, and not only in Senegal but all over Africa. “

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AFRICA – Comorian Azali Assoumani takes the lead of the AU



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Top News Africa) On Saturday, 18 February 2023, Comorian Azali Assoumani took over the presidency of the African Union (AU) from his Senegalese counterpart Macky Sall at the 36th AU Summit in Addis Ababa.

Azali Assoumani, 64, will preside over the destiny of the African Union for a year as part of the rotating presidency of this pan-African organization.

He became the first Comorian to become president of the African Union. Azali Assoumani, comes to power and becomes head of state of the Union of Comoros during a coup d’état, on April 30, 1999.

He was subsequently elected President of the Union of the Comoros in 2002, 2016 and 2019.

TH/ls/Top News Africa/ Published on Saturday, 18 February 2023

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AFRICA – ECOWAS maintains sanctions against Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Top News Africa) The extraordinary summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided on Saturday, February 18, 2023 in Addis Ababa to maintain the sanctions of the sub-organizationagainst Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali.

According to the final communiqué that sanctioned this extraordinary summit on the margins of the 36th African Union Summit, the Conference of Heads of State and Government has been informed of the request addressed to it by the Foreign Ministers of Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali, lifting the sanctions imposed on them following their respective coups d’état.”

«The Conference of Heads of State and Government decides to maintain existing sanctions against the three countries and to impose a travel ban on members of the government and other senior officials of the three countries», adds the press release released this Sunday, February 19, 2023.

In addition, the Conference of Heads of State and Government «completely rejected the unilateral measures taken by the transitional authorities in Guinea with regard to the implementation of the transition roadmap».

In this regard, ECOWAS reiterated «the need to open the political space to all actors of the three countries and to ensure an inclusive political dialogue» in Guinea.

In addition, the Heads of State and Government instructed the President of the ECOWAS Commission to accompany the implementation of the transition roadmaps and to strengthen security and humanitarian support to the affected countries, to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Finally, the United Nations, the African Union and all international partners were invited to support the implementation of ECOWAS decisions concerning the three countries.

TH/ls/Top News Africa

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[VISA] – Visa procedures for studying in France: In the corridors of stress, distress and… huge expenses



The procedures for obtaining a visa to study in France are the opposite of a health walk. Candidates must be physically, psychologically and financially prepared. They are plunged into uncertainty with the slowness of processing files, their rejection with sometimes slight arguments. Meeting all the criteria does not guarantee that a visa will be obtained. Sometimes, with the same guarantees, we can grant a visa to one candidate and refuse it for the other. At the limit, subjectivity guides the decisions of the persons responsible for handling the files. In this report, the students let their exasperation bloom.

A multi-unknown equation. Studying in France is still a dream for many Africans and Senegalese. It’s a long tunnel of stress, distress, physical effort. You also have to endure psychologically. Several projects to continue studies in the hexagon have fallen through. Financial requirements are not available for all awards. A revealing clue: a student spends at least 50,000 CFA francs just for paperwork. While the cost of booking an appointment varies between 35,000 CFA francs and 180,500 CFA francs. For delivery, it will cost between 11.000 and 22.000 CFA francs, not to mention 750 for an sms. These charges are nothing compared to the delays in processing files and the systematic refusals that are not based on anything in most cases. These are all facts that exasperate candidates. We denounce the slowness noted in the processing of our visa applications, then the delivery costs (11000 francs at DAKAR and 22000 francs CFA outside DAKAR) and SMS (750 francs CFA) that they require us. On my first deposit made on July 6th and I got my passport back on the 27th. This is abnormal. I was stuck with a reason 2 (non-credit guarantor) while my guarantor earns almost €3,900 each end of the month», objects the student. The latter is to the regret to note this tendency to standardize the guarantee. Otherwise all students submit the irrevocable transfer agreement. “They want everyone to do Avi (irrevocable transfer agreement) when not everyone can afford it,” says the student. She is far from the end of her sentence. Last year, she submitted her file to the University of Aix Marseille, which rejected it. In 2022, she resumed the process that was accepted by the same university. The meaning of a dossier is the beginning of a long process and a series of expenditures. The funding of the procedure, I did everything with but own means by sacrificing my scholarship that I collect every month end. My dad only gave me 75,000 CFA francs,” he said.

An agonizing wait
The 20-year-old student N.D endures in herself the suffering of all candidates wishing to continue their studies in France. The process is a maze. The wait is sometimes unbearable. “I have filed my application since July 4 and so far I have not received an answer. This is abnormal. I think it’s a complete disrespect to us. I’ve done everything I had to do. Unfortunately, I risk losing the pre-registration. We all know that academic returns start in September. But the consulate does not take this into account», laments N.D. The student currently in Bachelor’s Degree 2 was engaged in the process in 2019 when she had just obtained her baccalaureate degree. She had her numerous visa applications rejected on the basis of light arguments. I had made several visa applications. They were rejected on inadmissible and acceptable grounds. All these reasons can be summed up as 2, 4 and 5 without knowing the real reasons, even though we have met all the criteria asked for,” she says. The student does not enjoy taking stock of the money spent since 2019 to 2022. An apothecary would get lost in the tallies. This was also described by other students. I don’t know in total what I spent. But every year, I do masonry to pay my registration and fees via campus France. We found a lack of seriousness and a slowness in the processing of files,” the student said.

Visa fees and delivery rates are not refundable. This is considered unfair to those who apply for a visa. The embassy refuses us the visa without reimbursing us the fees or returning the documents we had provided. We are forced to pay a delivery fee of 11,000 Cfa francs just for the residents in Dakar if we are in a city other than Dakar, it is 22,000 Cfa francs», notes the student. He wasn’t born with a spoon of gold in his mouth. It is with his savings and those of one of his relatives that he insures the cover of the costs of file and visa.

Slowness without explanation
The departments in charge of processing the files do not provide solid answers in relation to the slowness noted in the processing of the files. Elsewhere, the procedure is much faster. In principle, after admission and compliance with the criteria, the procedure must be accelerated. But this is not what is observed in Senegal. How a student who has had a guarantor who earns more than €3,000 may not be able to provide you with €615/month. It’s impossible . We cannot say everything but in summary we are not satisfied with this situation. We are surprised by the silence of the Senegalese authorities,” deplores our interlocutor.

The pill is difficult to swallow for many people who do not understand the reasons for almost systematic rejections despite the guarantees presented by the candidates. One of our candidates does indeed believe that a person who has a salary of 5,000 euros can ensure the support of a student enrolled in a French university. I deposited the visa on July 13 and received the passport on August 6 almost 26 days of waiting. It’s too much with a refusal reason 2. In addition, I want to file but there are only appointments for the month of September coinciding with the start of the courses in France. It must also be said that currently most French universities refuse to give derogations,” our interlocutor said.

The climax of paradoxes

The comparison of the rejections or acceptance of certain files suggests the paroxysm of paradoxes. The case of a student enrolled in Master 1 Economics of Law is illustrative. For his first pre-registration attempt in 2020, his application was accepted. The student had an uncle living in France who had assured him financial support. So his accommodation was also insured. In short, he had a solid record, to use his expression. His record did not weigh on the balance. “The embassy denied me the visa on grounds 5. Despite everything, I gave the guarantor papers to my little sister who managed to get the visa,” compares the student.

New chance, new failure
In 2022, he again filed his file. If the file was processed more quickly, in the end it was rejected in addition to a guarantee of 4.800.000 CFA francs. I was able to block a sum of 4.800.000 Cfa francs to have much more security compared to the capital requested by the embassy. I want to point out that it was my father and cousin who helped me set that aside. Unfortunately, they again refused the visa for reason 2. This reason states that «I do not have financial resources to cover my expenses of any kind during the stay in France», reported the student. In all, he spent 75,000 CFA francs for the Campus France application fee, 18,500 CFA francs to make an appointment, 35,000 CFA francs for the visa deposit, 22,000 CFA francs for delivery outside the Dakar and 750 CFA francs for an SMS sent. This is a real budget.

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