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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Anicet Georges Dologuélé’s URCA maintains its participation in the legislative elections

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The Political Bureau of the Union for Central African Renewal (URCA) announced on Wednesday, February 3, the continuation of the party’s participation in the second round of the Legislative elections and in the upcoming by-elections. A decision that contrasts with the position of the Opposition Coalition COD-2020, of which the URCA is a member, which has suspended its participation in the current process.

The coalition of the Central African opposition COD-2020 has taken the decision to suspend its participation in the Legislative. It denounces an electoral “sham” after the Constitutional Court rejected most of its motions for annulment for the first round of elections. Against all expectations, the URCA of Anicet Georges Dologuélé decided to maintain its participation in the elections.

Certainly we denounce the irregularities that marked the first round. But to defend our ideas, we must be present in the Assembly,” explained one of Anicet Georges Dologuélé’s spokespersons, Wilfriedo Mescheba.

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This announcement, which had the effect of a bomb, threw a cloud over the COD-2020 on Wednesday. “The decision to withdraw from the legislative elections was taken unanimously, and in the presence of the Vice-President of the URCA,” said Nicolas Tiangaye. Although disagreements are common within the opposition coalition, this is the first time that the URCA has openly expressed its disagreement.

On Monday, February 1, the Constitutional Court validated 22 seats out of 140 in the first round and cancelled the election in 13 constituencies. The opposition denounces a calamitous electoral process and calls for the resumption of coupled elections.


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