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SENEGAL: Vieux Aïdara warns: No presidential election in February 2019 without Karim Wade!


Exiled in France since December 2012, despite the international arrest warrant hanging over him, the French-Senegalese Mamadou (called “Vieux”) Aïdara is considered as one of the seven accomplices of Karim Wade by the Court of repression of the illicit enrichment (CREI). A year from the presidential election in Senegal, Vieux Aïdara warns about his Facebook profile: There will be no presidential election in Senegal in February 2019 without the candidate Karim Wade. Read more:

“I have never pronounced on the subject since it is agitated by the landerneau politico-media Senegalese but it is time to 12 months of the presidential election of 2019 to be very clear and precise on this subject.

Karim Wade is the candidate for this election of a large section of the Senegalese population in addition to being the PDS. Karim Wade is preparing a serenity program to offer Senegalese citizens and voters to rectify the mistakes of this immature and irresponsible power that ended in a seven-year sell off to lobbies and foreign interests all the goods of Senegalese. Karim Wade will address Senegalese of all ethnicities, confessions and social origins in order to reconcile the Senegalese nation, restore the rule of law and bring this people together to a common project. Karim Wade will be back in Senegal as soon as possible before the crucial vote of 2019, which will restore the Senegalese justice system that Judges Isaac Foster, Keba Mbaye and many others have bequeathed to us.

Those who think for a moment that he could stand in Senegal a presidential election in February 2019 without the candidate Karim Wade are mistakenly wrong.

Karim Wade will soon tour the country from Podor to Kédougou, from Kolda to Fatick through Thies, Kaolack, Matam, Ziguinchor, Dakar, Diourbel, Tambacounda, Bakel, Kaffrine, Touba and Bakel without forgetting Mbour, Nioro, Sedhiou, Vélingara , Mbacké, Tivaouane, Dagana, Goudiri and Kebemer …. The countdown for rectification has begun and they will not be able to stop us from returning to the natural course of Senegalese democracy. Do not miss the exceptional revision period of the lists of electors from March 1 to April 30, 2018 and require your identity card and elector status. Long live Senegal! ”

Recall that the son of the former president lives in exile in Qatar. And that his next return is regularly announced by his supporters. Karim Wade remains the official candidate of the Senegalese Democratic Party.


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