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BRVM – A record of more than 2 billion CFA francs recorded this Friday


On Friday, July 07, 2023, the regional stock exchange posted a record CFA 2.232 billion in quotations. The value of these transactions amounted to CFAF 2.232 billion compared to CFAF 1.867 billion the day before. Previously, the market recorded transactions of CFAF 1.701 billion on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. In total, during the last three trading sessions, investors have shown a real enthusiasm for the securities of both compartments with an average of 1.933 billion traded value.

At the origin of the strong transactions of the meeting of July 7, 2023, there is a value traded at the level of the bond compartment of FCFA 1.751 billion. The investors’ interest was particularly focused on the TPCI 5.90% 2016-2026 bond with the purchase of 149,671 securities during 9,600 FCFA, for a total value of 1.436 billion FCFA.

The market capitalization of the equity market exceeded the 7500 billion mark, with a realisation of CFAF 7532.519 billion against CFAF 7487.805 billion on 6 July 2023, an increase of CFAF 44.714 billion.

The bond market was also up by 19.695 billion, to 10159.467 billion FCFA compared with 10139.772 billion FCFA the day before. The clues are all improving. Thus, the composite index rose by 0.60% to 202.47 points from 201.27 points the day before.

The BRVM 30 index also rose by 0.65% to 101.63 points from 100.97 points the day before. The biggest increase was recorded by the BRVM Prestige index with 1.38% at 102.37 points compared to 100.98 points the day before.

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The Top 5 of the largest price increases are held by ETI Togo (plus 5.88% to 18 FCFA), Total Côte d’Ivoire (plus 4.63% to 2,260 FCFA), Compagnie Ivoirienne d’électricité Côte d’Ivoire (plus 2.33% to 2,200 FCFA), Orange Côte d’Ivoire (plus 0.92% to 9,890 FCFA) and BOA Burkina Faso (plus 0.74% to 6,095 FCFA).

As for the Flop 5 of the largest price declines, it is occupied by the securities BOA Mali (minus 3.57% to 1,350 FCFA), Sucrivoire Côte d’Ivoire (minus 2.80% to 520 FCFA) Oragroup Togo (minus 1.67% to 2,650 FCFA), Vivo Energy Côte d’Ivoire (minus 1.30% to 760 FCFA) and SAFCA Côte d’Ivoire (minus 1.30% to 760 FCFA).


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