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MADAGASCAR: 9 people granted amnesty

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The Malagasy state body in charge of national reconciliation, the Council of the Malagasy Fampihavanana (CFM) led by former journalist and politician Alphonse Maka, decided on Friday, 19 December 2020, to amnesty nine people charged in political cases between 2002 and 2009. The Supreme Court also responded favourably to 20 applications for compensation for job loss out of the 24 filed.

The Council headed by Alphonse Maka is responsible for the amnesty of political or military figures who were convicted between 2002 and 2009 as well as the compensation of collateral victims. The period between these two dates marked Malagasy history with a wave of protests in the streets that precipitated the departure of President Marc Ravalomanana and the recognition of Andry Rajoelina as President of the Republic in August 2009. Those accused of offences committed during this period, and who have filed applications for amnesty or reparation for loss of jobs, have mostly benefited from the leniency of the Supreme Court which has dropped the charges.

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Of the 31 requests for amnesty filed by the Reconciliation Commissioners, 6 were rejected for specific reasons not specified, 9 were granted and the remaining 16 will be the subject of a thorough analysis by the Council of Fampihavanana malagasy (CFM). Information made public by the CFM during its 4th Extraordinary Session.

Were granted an amnesty on Friday, December 18, 2020:

1)Fanomezantsoa Mosesy Andriamanana
2)Hantaniaina N. Rabezandry
3)Paul of the Bekamisy Cross
4)Jerry Emile Soloniaina Rasolofomanana Ramampanjaka
5)Andrianantenaina Razakasoa
6)Robert Tata
7)Charles Ramiliarison
8)Jacky Randriamihamina
9)Fidy Ratsimbazafy


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