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MEDIA – Press release of the Senegalese Press Club in France on the case of investigative journalist Pape Alé Niang


Once again, our colleague Pape Alé Niang has been arrested and placed in pre-trial detention for a few days. Accused of leaking information prejudicial to national defence and spreading fake news, he had already been imprisoned a few months ago. This time, he is imprisoned under the charge of having launched a “call for insurrection”, shortly after the arrest of the opponent Ousmane Sonko, leader of the Pastef.

The Senegalese Press Club in France first expresses its support and compassion to Pope Alé Niang, detained since July 29, 2023, he began a hunger strike to denounce the injustice he is a victim.

We draw the attention of national and international opinion to the very precarious state of health of Pope Alé Niang. We strongly denounce his arrest as a flagrant violation of press freedom and freedom of expression.

We therefore call for the immediate and unconditional release of Pope Alé Niang, whose health cannot be compatible with detention and is deteriorating day by day.

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We remind the Senegalese authorities of the importance of guaranteeing citizens’ right to information and respecting democratic principles.
The Senegalese press club in France does not rule out bringing to justice the Senegalese authorities who have endangered the life of a journalist.
The life of Pape Alé NIANG is in the hands of the regime of Macky SALL!

Done at Paris, 3 August 2023
The Senegalese Press Club in France


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