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MADAGASCAR – Attempt to assassinate the President of the Republic foiled

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The Madagascan prosecutor’s office announced that it had foiled an assassination attempt targeting the incumbent head of state, Andry Rajoelina, on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. According to diplomatic sources, the police arrested several suspects, including Malagasy and two French people. . This is the announcement made by the public prosecutor, Berthine Razafiarivony, on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The judicial agent assured that the investigation will come to an end and all the authors as sponsors of this coup project The state will be severely sanctioned.

The President of the Malagasy Republic, Andrey Rajoelina, escaped an assassination attempt on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. The Minister of Public Security, Fanomezantsoa Rodellys Randrianarison, said Thursday that six people had been arrested including a foreigner, two binationals and three Malagasy. At the time of their arrest, the minister announced that “weapons and money were seized […] at different places”, as well as “official documents which prove their involvement.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Berthine Razafiarivony, announced that the authors of this aborted package have matured well this project of liquidation of the Head of State and other personalities. “According to the material evidence in our possession, these individuals have devised a plan to eliminate and neutralize various Malagasy personalities, including the head of state,” she said without giving further details. These individuals arrested by the Madagascan police will be prosecuted for “endangering state security”. It is, according to the prosecutor, “several foreign and Malagasy nationals”. On the identity of the two French arrested, whose wives were also placed in police custody, they would be former officers. The French foreign ministry confirmed to AFP that it had been “informed” of their arrest, but declined to say more.

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The prosecutor, Berthine Razafiarivony, affirmed that the Malagasy justice will shed light on this case in order to arrest and judge all those responsible for this project of assassination of the head of state, Andrey Rajoelina. “At this stage of the ongoing investigation, the general prosecutor’s office ensures that all light will be shed on this case,” she concluded.


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