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SENEGAL – Bineta Diedhiou, the queen of taekwondo, who reigns at the Olympic Games

Bineta Diedhiou

Bineta Diedhiou, born on 8 January 1986 in Dakar, is a young Senegalese taekwondo athlete. Bineta Diedhiou is also the one who has proved herself worthily in this discipline by raising the emblematic flag of her country, Senegal wherever she has been. Four-time African champion, four-time Francophone world champion, first world taekwondoist medallist, she participated twice in the Olympics in 1/4 final. The lioness of the teranga was several times voted best fighter, often golden lion in his disciple, once national golden lion. Welcome to the world of Bineta Diedhiou, an ambassador on all fronts. 

Taekwondo from mother to daughter 
Athlete Bineta Diedhiou was born into a sportive family. All his brothers and sisters are black belts. She thus evolved into a family of athletes who facilitated her love for this sport. She spent her childhood at Camp Abdou Diassé in Colobane, home to the Club BUSAN, where she took her first steps in the discipline. Under the watchful eye of his father, Binta Diedhiou quickly adopted and loved this discipline. What interests me most about taekwondo is its ability to force the person on the mental, behavioural and disciplinary,‘ she said.

Bineta Diedhiou

Her father: a reference for her
Bineta is incubated very early by his father 7th Dan WTF, who takes him under his wing to make of her a champion emeritus. He becomes his reference in discipline outside his mother.  When asked about the battles that marked his career, Binta Diedhiou chose his first world medal and his first qualification at the Olympic Games “The battles that marked me, there are many. I can quote my first world medal and my first qualification at the Olympic Games, it was unprecedented for Senegal and an honour for the Senegalese woman.” ,” she admitted. “ She had her worst time in this discipline during the last World Championships in Manchester in 2019.  

Gold medal at the African Taekwondo Championships 
The gold medallist at the 2012 African taekwondo championships in Antananarivo, Binta Diedhiou, has demonstrated her achievements not only nationally but also internationally. In 2009, the Senegalese won the gold medal at the African Taekwondo Championships in Yaoundé. But it doesn’t stop there: she also won the bronze medal at the 2010 African Taekwondo Championships in Tripoli and the silver medal at the 2011 African Games in Maputo, in the under 57 kg category.
However, she was beaten in the first round of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London in the same category by Finland’s Suvi Mikkonen and gold medallist at the 2012 African taekwondo championships in Antananarivo, still in that category. She won gold at the 2015 African Games in Brazzaville in less than 57 kg. She won bronze in less than 57 kg at the 2018 African taekwondo Championships in Agadir.

Its relationship with the Senegalese public
Binta Diedhiou has very good relations with all the other Senegalese and foreign athletes. Binta Diedhiou has not forgotten the Senegalese public in whom she sees a source of motivation. “The Senegalese audience is great and an additional source of motivation for me. Don’t forget that Senegal is the country of Teranga,” the athlete said. “State support exists but it is very inadequate in relation to high-level sport” 

His message to the younger generation
Finally, she sent a strong message to young people in general and girls in particular: “Young people need to understand that anything is possible but nothing is free. You have to have self-confidence first by working hard, be patient and respectful towards others, and above all be abstinent and persevering, and all guided by a good lifestyle.”


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