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SENEGAL – Thiéboujeun inscribed on the World Heritage Site


The most popular and popular dish in Senegal, the Ceebu Jën, is now inscribed in the intangible heritage of Unesco on Wednesday 14 December 2021. The dossier on Senegal presented by the Senegalese ambassador, Souleymane Jules Diop, was adopted by all the members of the global body in charge of education, science and culture. With this important decision in the culinary field, UNESCO celebrates the Senegalese woman, in particular, the pioneer of this succulent national dish, Penda Mbaye, from the region of Saint-Louis.

Ceebu Jën has become an international dish. UNESCO inscribed this culinary art in its intangible heritage on Wednesday 14 December 2021. This dish, the Senegalese identity, is the “cement of national unity which, by its richness and simplicity, testifies to the culinary genius of Senegal.”, said Ambassador Souleymane Jules Diop before the assembly. 

He did not fail to praise my Senegalese wife who deserves all the credit for this sublimation of this delicious national dish.” His invention (Ceebu Jën) was attributed to a woman, Penda Mbaye. It symbolizes the place of women in our society, the role they have always played in the local economy. Ceebu Jën has thus contributed to cementing our national unity, by being a factor of integration. His reputation, his preparation, both rich and simple, made him cross our borders. First in the sub-region, across Africa, the oceans to impose themselves in the menus of many restaurants around the world. It can be enjoyed around a large bowl, a symbol of rediscovered unity and sharing”, added the Senegalese ambassador.

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The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, welcomed this new decision of UNESCO. On his Twitter account, on Wednesday 14 December 2021, the Head of State expressed his satisfaction and pride to see this Senegalese culinary art inscribed in the intangible heritage of Unesco. “I welcome the inscription of Ceebu Jën, a Senegalese national dish, on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List. This is a great illustration of the international reputation of Senegalese culinary art,” said Macky Sall.


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