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GUINEA – The death of a young man rekindles social tensions

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Thierno Mamadou Diallo was 19 years old. Candidate for the patent examination, he will unfortunately never get this parchment. The young man was shot in the head in the margins of protests against rising fuel prices in Hamdallaye, Guinea on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. 

The clashes between demonstrators and the Guinean security forces in some areas of Conakry have revived the discontent of a part of the population and the political class against the power of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya.  The Guinean Minister of Security, Bachir Diallo, quickly stepped up to the front from the city of Kankan where he is staying to ‘strongly condemn’ these actions that lead to the deaths of men’. ‘The government is not part of this logic’, he insisted. 

It will take much more to mitigate the fracture between the CNRD of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya who took power on 05 September 2021 and a part of the Guineans. According to the FNDC, an opposition coalition that fought the power of Alpha Condé, there is indeed a gap between the promises of the CNRD ‘putschists’ who had pledged not to commit the same killings as his predecessors ” and the actions they are taking today. 

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The death of young Thierno Mamadou Diallo comes on the eve of a CNRD statement banning all demonstrations. This decision, considered as a restriction of public freedoms, had been strongly protested by certain political organizations and human rights associations. 

Let us recall that the power of Conakry has already initiated legal proceedings against twenty dignitaries of the former regime including President Alpha Condé and his Prime Minister Ibrahima Fofana Kassory. The former governing party, RPG ARC-EN-CIEL, has claimed to be the victim of a witch hunt. 

We are therefore far from the popular joy aroused by the advent of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya at the head of the Guinean state. Some of his decisions are considered out of step with the national reconciliation to which the whole country aspires. Apart from that, this power must face the African Union and the international community which deems the duration of the transition set by the military junta unacceptable. 
The CNRD would benefit from the dissipation of these tensions for peace in this country already weakened by many social crises. 


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