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CAMEROON – Wedding of Charlotte Dipanda with Fernand Lopez

Charlotte Dipanda /Fernand Lopez @Crédit photo : Page Facebook Charlotte Dipanda

A lively controversy on the web the day after the celebration of their union. The Cameroonian singer is in the subjects of discussion the day after her civil marriage with Fernand Lopez celebrated Saturday, April 15, 2023. Charlotte Dipanda is being called a hypocrite because of an old interview that just surfaced.

The wedding of the famous Cameroonian singer, Charlotte Dipanda, with Fernand Lopez, her long-time companion, has made the headlines on social networks since this weekend. But this celebration was not well received by everyone, as some Internet users pulled out an interview with the star in which she said she was not interested in marriage.

Indeed, the 37-year-old singer gave an interview a few months ago, in which she criticized marriage by stating that all married couples she knew were unhappy. She also stated that marriage was not an end in itself or a goal to be achieved. I, all married people I know, are unhappy. Just to tell you that for me, marriage, as you define it, is not an end in itself, it is not a goal or something that prevents me from sleeping at night. I think I may even be on the right track. Because sometimes, when it is done, we realize that we no longer give ourselves as before or fight in the same way. I like the idea that my man is afraid of losing me, that he doesn’t take me for granted,” she said in an interview with an Ivorian media outlet in August 2022.

Charlotte Dipanda /Fernand Lopez @Crédit photo : Page Facebook Charlotte Dipanda

Charlotte Dipanda caught up in her past?

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Very quickly, these statements provoked strong reactions from some Internet users, who called the singer a hypocrite. They objected to her criticizing marriage in public, when she clearly intended to marry. It is unacceptable for them to criticize something publicly and then celebrate it in private.

Here are people who misunderstood marriage during the day, on television sets, in the newspapers through interviews and who, at night, prepare to celebrate it, You shouted strong woman. I don’t need a husband to thrive. Today you are Mrs Lopez, the girls who looked at you as a model who are not star enough suitors like you and you had not thought of them. I am not against your happiness but avoid conveying messages that are not wise», we can read among other things in the comments.

Charlotte Dipanda /Fernand Lopez @Crédit photo : Page Facebook Charlotte Dipanda

These comments have sparked heated debates on social networks, with some Internet users defending Charlotte Dipanda, stressing that a person’s opinions and choices can change over time. Others took the singer’s side by saying that she had the right to change her mind and make the decision to marry.

Anyway, Charlotte Dipanda finally took the plunge and officially married Fernand Lopez last weekend. The singer officially became the wife of Fernand Lopez Owonyebe, a veteran of mixed Cameroonian-French martial art and current MMA coach. The couple did civil marriage this Saturday, April 15, 2023 about five months after the traditional marriage.

Charlotte Dipanda /Fernand Lopez @Crédit photo : Page Facebook Charlotte Dipanda

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