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ITALY : Maurizio de Marchi the owner of “Mariella Martinato” talks about his company.

Maurizio de Marchi the owner of "Mariella Martinato".

Maurizio de Marchi the owner of “Mariella Martinato” talks about his company.

You have to visit Venice, Italy, precisely the city of Trebaseleghe in Padova to meet Maurizio Marchi, the owner and managing director of “Mariella Martinato”.

The company “Mariella Martinato” is a family story. For generations, a passion for the making of leather has been passed down through the ages. The Martinato family has been working and sublimating leather since 1980. Thanks to his mother Mariella Martinato and his father Ivano de Marchi, the company was born.

the family business traditionally started with the making of leather. However as time went by, new materials such as wood but especially horns were introduced in the manufacturing process.

Leather, wood, horns, but also , a variety of other products like razors, shoe brushes, hair brushes nail files, purses, travel or toiletries, all the products of the everyday life are thought out, drawn, and worked with art and precision down to the smallest details.
A women’s collection has recently emerged with a lot more colors to enhance the feminine side.

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After thinking about women, perfumes are in the spotlight: 2 fragrances are already being tested : At the Marchi’s, inspiration and creation are ongoing/ never ending

Shoe manufacturing is another area of ​​expertise to meet the lifestyle needs.

Maurizio de Marchi’s ambitions are clear, develop and expand this family business internationally, but also and especially continue to make luxury and high-end products.

TV report at “Mariella Martinato”: : Voiced by Ashley Maher

Gallery of Mariella Martinato’s products


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