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SENEGAL – INVESTIGATION: Hannibal Djim dismantles fictional accounts created on Facebook to vilify Pastef


Hannibal Djim did a work deemed digital investigation on the creation of fictional accounts on Facebook to vilify the Pastef-Les Patriotes party. The latter exposed the technique of creating false accounts in the name of Pastef to insult, threaten, slander and cast shame on Personalities, journalists, religious leaders, and ordinary citizens who criticize Pastef or Sonko in good faith. He was able to demonstrate that some accounts were created as of January 7, 2021. On the counter of his research, 309 false accounts that he said would be created by a French company.

Pastef-les Patriotes activists are often accused of their insolence and their virulence towards the institutions of the Republic, Personalities, journalists, religious leaders, and ordinary citizens on social networks, especially on Facebook. According to his research, everything suggests that it is a well-prepared coup to put Pastef’s militants at risk with the Senegalese population. In fact, over the past two months, most Internet users have criticized the virulence and insolent comments of Pastef activists on social networks. They probably had no idea that it was a well-prepared coup to make the latter look like poorly educated people, without any respect for the institutions that found the Republic. According to Hannibal Djim “So far, there has been no denial about this work concerning the creation of these false accounts.” he said.

Below are the explanations of Hannibal Djim:

Episode 1
The involvement of the President of the Republic in Conspiracy 2.0?
You must have noticed these people defending Adji SARR and the conspiracy of the maquis!
Who are these people?
These people do not really exist but they are false accounts that belong to the Republic Presidency to invade social networks in order to make the world believe that the cause they defend is popular.
How does it work?
The majority of accounts are created by software of the French company Spallian between 07 and 29 January 2021 (I will come back on another post to demonstrate this). They make hundreds of accounts available to the communication of the Presidency of the Republic of Senegal by providing identifiers and passwords. Then the presidency recruits people known as answering machines to campaign!
For example: on a post of the Presidency of the Republic dated March 22, 2021 on (The Adjusted and Accelerated Priority Action Plan (PAP2A) the reactions of false accounts constitute 91% of reactions ( Like and comments)

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Where is the Presidency’s involvement in this case?
1- Why are fake accounts funded by the Presidency defending ADJI SARR on the web?
2- Why the majority of these accounts were created between January 07 and 29 (just before the complaint against Ousmane )
To avoid a huge text I come back to you with the demonstration
For fake accounts I can only show you 80 because this is the photo limit on Facebook but in total I found 309 fake accounts!
Nb: The French company Spallian had participated in the cheating of the presidential election of 2019 because at the time the presidency had provided this company with data from Senegalese (Family Security Scholarships (BSF), Universal Health Coverage (CMU), Equal Opportunities Cards, Delegation to Rapid Entrepreneurship, PUDC, PUMA, etc.)
As there is no denial about the fake accounts. We will move to the next step Demonstrate that some of these accounts are robotic. And no one’s gonna deny it.
They helped invade the web to make it look like the president is popular

Since our release yesterday fake accounts change names and profile photos. For example Aïcha Ndiaye became Néné kébé with the photo of a very cute girl. I just want to tell you that I have the 309 accounts in my base they can’t escape me. The only way out is to end this method by blocking fake accounts.
I will get back to you soon with posts and video demo. Hannibal Djim

Below are some accounts friends the 309 detected:


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