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EQUATORIAL GUINEA – The fate of Teodorin Obiang suspended by the decision of France

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The Court of Cassation of France is due to rule, this Wednesday, July 28, 2021, on the appeal lodged by Teodorin Obiang, Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea and son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.Sentenced in Paris on 10 February 2020 to three years in prison with a suspended sentence and a fine of €30 million, the 52-year-old politician filed an appeal to hope that the sentence would be annulled. The Court of Cassation will have two options: to consider that it is not up to France to rule on these ill-gotten assets or to confirm the conviction and proceed with the restitution of these assets to the Equatorial Guinea population.

Teodorin Obiang, Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea, expects, this Wednesday, July 28, the response of the French Court of Cassation following the action he filed after his conviction on 10 February 2020 for having fraudulently disposed of a wealth estimated at 150 million euros in French territory. The French justice system must therefore rule on this sentence imposed on the son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema. The French High Court had two options: to declare itself incompetent by holding that the facts had taken place in Equatorial Guinea or to confirm the award and to immediately demand the restitution of ill-gotten property.

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Teodorin Obiang, 52, who is responsible for the defence and security of his country, is renowned for his taste for the good life, luxury and comfort. In particular, it has built up a car fleet valued at €5.7 million, composed among others of three Bugatti, one Rolls-Royce and two Maserati. Among the assets seized during the judicial investigation is a luxurious building located on Avenue Foch, and estimated at 107 million euros, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Paris.


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