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PARIS FASHION WEEK – French-Cameroonian stylist Imane Ayissi makes African fashion shine in the French capital! Fortissimo!

Imane Ayissi

Twice a year, haute couture houses meet for hyper-giant fashion shows in a colourful atmosphere in the streets of Paris. For the Fall Winter 2022-23 Couture Collection, held from July 4 to 7, 2022, women’s bodies molded into thin evening dresses offered poses as refined as eroticized.

In the presence of fashion journalists, international department stores, prestigious multi-brand boutiques and numerous luxury sites, it can be said, this Couture Autumn Winter 2022-23 collection has regained its prestige and power this year before Covid-19.19. The large houses of high seams (Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Giambiattista Valli, etc.) have been adorned with their finest collections of famous stars (Emma Watson, Olivier Rousteing, Rita Ora, Jeanne Damas, Chiara Ferragni, Cindy Bruna, etc.). Keira Knightley and Marion Cotillard lookées Chanel from head to toe, Tina Kunakey remodeled Paco Rabanne. Audacity and creativity were the big words. But the key word was “Miyené”.

For a long time, high culture was a business of the Dior, the Chanel… of a privileged class. Today, it has become so democratized that a 55-year-old black man from a poor country has set up shop in Paris. He has woven a name out of needles. His name is Imane Ayissi. He is a man of color, runs a house of haute couture with his collection: Miyené, to be seen, in Ewondo, a language of Cameroon. He is one of the most illustrious representatives of African haute couture. After the presentation of his collection, he almost broke down in tears: “Now I’m in the big leagues”. Imane Ayissi and fashion have been going hand in hand for several decades. One might imagine that they were created together. He demonstrated this once again with his beautiful collection: “Miyené”.

“Miyené”, the new aesthetic of fashion
“Miyené” “reflects the importance of appearance in perception”. It is also the result of a collaboration between Imane Ayissi and Boris Nzebo, a young Gabonese living in Douala, Cameroon. The line of the hand (stylist) follows the line of the body, and that speaks of head and hair (hairstyle). Also haute couture and hairstyle are closely linked. This collection symbolizes the meeting of the stylist and the visual artist for the purpose of “(se) faire voir” in all its splendour “by others”. In order to explore the “various typical appearances”, Ayissi called on Boris Nzebo, who wonders “…how to understand that our environment is not as well cared for as our heads…”.

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A well-orchestrated parade as a ritual
A dense crowd forms a hedge in a building. To the sound of tams tams, young ladies parade between two hedges of spectators. Breasts curved, haughty, molded. Waist refined to the extreme, hip round. Narrowness, fake or true, skirts or trousers. This year, this man, who trained as a model, agreed to clean up his collection. The comings and goings of all the dresses of bright tones, sometimes flying, immense as crinolines, sometimes thin. Here, everything is a matter of style, refined bodies.

Imane Ayissi, the “Phoenix” of elegance
Imane Ayissi is a fashion pro. He is the image of her creations: sober. After this Fashion Week, we can say it, Imane Ayissi has just weaved a respectability by needle. His talent and self-sacrifice command respect. Also, Adama Paris, an exceptional French-Senegalese designer and friend, did not fail to take him in her arms and say aloud what we all whisper: “We are proud of him. it’s a phoenix and it represents a whole continent. We have to be there. He doesn’t forget people. We’re behind you.”


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