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USAIN BOLT RUINED: The fastest man in the world hit by an impressive financial scam

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All of Jamaica, mainly Usain Bolt, is wondering where his $12 million went. The star of the 100 and 200 metres was robbed of all his money, as were some 40 other victims of the same financial fraud.

Financially, nothing is going well for Usain Bolt. The undisputed King of the World Sprint, who has not spoken to Prince Harry since his marriage, was robbed of some $12 million following a fraud. It has also rubbed shoulders with some 40 other wealthy individuals, including many seniors. Following the scam, police have been investigating Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) for two weeks. The latter thus holds, or rather held, funds invested by the sprinter, father of twins. His $12 million account was stripped of most of it. It was a tragedy for the star of the race.
Deeply loved and admired by his Jamaican country, many wanted to support Usain Bolt, who no longer wants to have children. Notably the artist Gage, who went so far as to write him a song symbolically entitled SSL. In particular, it highlights the injustices between the different social classes faced by the inhabitants of poor neighbourhoods in Jamaica.

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