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PAPE ALE NIANG: The information closed, the prosecutor will inherit the file


new in the case of journalist columnist. Whose judicial information has just been completed according to his lawyer Me Ciré Clédor. According to the dress, black, the case must be referred to the prosecutor within three days. So the prosecution will have 15 days to make its closing statement. A long procedure that may not be in favor of Pope Alé who has a fragile health.

The investigating judge has just given notice to the lawyers of the journalist Pope ale Niang that the information is completed and the file made available to them for 3 days before being transmitted to the prosecutor of the republic for his final requisitions.

The prosecution will have 15 days to do so, after which the judge will probably make an order for referral to the correctional police even if the defence is of the opinion that the offences held by the prosecution at this stage are not proven.

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The instructing magistrate will once again regain his independence to keep the journalist in detention until his appearance before the court of trial, or order his interim release to preserve the presumption of innocence he enjoys and not abuse his powers.

Given the journalist’s state of health, which justifies his hospitalization to preserve his life, the defense hopes that the epilogue of this procedure will not experience more delays with delays that no complexity of the case could justify.

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