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SOUTH AFRICA – Zulu King Outraged: “Stop the Violence” in South Africa

The new king Misuzulu-Zulu @Afrik.com

The Zulu king, Misuzulu Zulu, is calling on South Africans to remain calm and restrained after the violence that has killed at least 72 people, according to the official report. In a televised message, this Wednesday, the sovereign of the Zulu, the majority tribe in South Africa, is outraged against these riots that «tarnish» the image of this country of Southern Africa

Misuzulu Zulu, king of the Zulu, majority tribe in South Africa, came out of his silence on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, after the violence that caused at least 72 deaths. In a televised message, the sovereign calls his people to order. “I call upon you, the people of my father, the Zouloue Nation, to renounce the destruction of our country, South Africa. I call for calm and peace to be restored. The looting has shamed us,” he said.

After the arrest of Jacob Zuma for contempt of court, thousands of South Africans took to the streets to protest against the decision sentencing the former President to 15 months in prison. According to the official report, 72 people lost their lives during the demonstrations and jostling in South Africa.On this occasion, tyres were burned, shops and shops looted by the demonstrators.

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For the sovereign Misuzulu, “this chaos destroys the economy of our country and the poor and vulnerable will be the most affected.We risk going into a famine because the trucks are no longer delivering food,” he warns. In this communication relayed by the South African media, King Misuzulu adds that “our own families will suffer. My father’s people are committing suicide … Our nation is respected around the world. Stop the violence. Let politics not tarnish our nation, we are much better than that. We are worthy people,” he added.

As a reminder, South Africa is facing a cycle of protests following the arrest of Jacob Zuma.In the face of the anger of supporters of the former President, the current regime called for the protesters to calm down, before deploying some 2,500 soldiers to the streets of the rainbow nation.


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