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SENEGAL – Last news from the Comos: The Asteroid “MaramKaire” on the approach

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There is no need to observe the sky in the hope of seeing a ball of fire hurtling at lightning speed on earth. You will only see dust – stars or in the best case shooting star charms. The scientific community has just undergone a massive revolution in astronomy and space science. If Thomas Pesquet has drunk us with his delusional photos from the space station, we are back on our feet. Among the 200,000 asteroids awaiting their baptismal name. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) wanted to honour Africa through the Senegalese astronomer Maram Kairé, by naming an asteroid after him. Camille, Ursula, Bush, Ratzinger,… will receive at their side a brand host: “Maramkaire”.

Until yesterday, I thought it was hard as a carbon chondrite that anyone could buy an asteroid in the sky for a few subsidies to needy discoverers who were struggling to make ends meet. I screwed up. On a high note, as always, I admit. Having his name in the sky is no small feat. However, Maram Kairé has nothing to worry about; he is already in the sky. And in a good place on the asteroid belt.

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Entrepreneur, manager, communication consultant, expert in systems & networks engineering, president of the Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Astronomy, 1st Ambassador in Africa of the Science and Technology Values Campaign from the ONOMO Group, 1st Mymusic Online Prize for the Best Webdesigner of Senegal on 30 August 2008, Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Lion du Senegal, TOP 500 of the most influential Africans in the world, Former Technical Advisor in the Office of the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of Senegal. Responsible for the promotion and popularization of scientific culture and space issues… Without turning them into coffers, such skills are not within the reach of all ambitions. To access only one of these titles, you have to be a little more than a worker. Senegalese Maram Kairé “has a solid grasp of how to integrate solutions in a variety of environments, as well as project management, emergencies and complex cases,” he says on his Linkedin account.

Maram Kaire ©Capture photo Page Facebook

This young astronomer, the first African to give his name to an asteroid, was born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1978. Maram Kairé studied BTS Informatique et Gestion at the École Supérieure Polytechnique Dakar. He studied Computer Engineering in France at ESG Management School from 1998 to 2002, after which he obtained the title of Systems & Networks Engineer. Maram Kairé could have had a brilliant career in teaching, but a vocation he had since childhood attracted him to astronomy: the books of the outstanding astrophysicist, Hubert Reeves, were his bedside books. He therefore followed the line, which although long, is the shortest still from one point to another. He looks into the sky, the stars through gigantic research telescopes.

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Discovered on 27 February 1998 by the Frenchman Alain Maury, this asteroid was first given the provisional designation: 35462, then its definitive name “Maramkaire”. Next step: a full astronomer position.

Maram Kaire ©Capture photo Page Facebook

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