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SENEGAL – “The Forgotten Children” Association’s fundraising event was exceptional

Elijah Ndoye Fondateur “The Forgotten Children”

On Saturday, November 27, “The Forgotten Children” organized a fundraiser in Tucson, Arizona, USA. It was the 10th edition of their annual fundraiser. The aim is to continue helping children who need help in Senegal, where the organisation is very active. Attached are the words of its President and Founder Elhadj Ndoye

“10 years ago, I had a vision, a dream, that I could somehow make a difference in the lives of children who by no fault of their own, had been cast out into the street to beg for their very survival in my home country of Senegal, West Africa. They are the forgotten children.  

Today, with the help and support of many, we are realizing that dream with the construction of a boarding school that will safely house and educate 80-100 of those children.  We are very close to completion and are working diligently to open the school in 2022.  

We still have more to do… On Saturday November 27, we hosted our 10th annual fundraiser for The Forgotten Children in Tucson AZ and enjoyed overwhelming support from volunteers, sponsors, performers, caterers, individual donors and the community at large.  It was a celebration of compassion and an outpouring of generosity and caring for those that need it so desperately.  

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We pledge our humble thanks and our commitment to seeing this project through to completion in the coming year.  We still need financial help to get us to the finish line.  It lies just ahead. 

For more information about our registered non-profit charitable organization, please visit our website at www.theforgottenchildren.org  and consider a donation.  Every bit helps.  We thank one and all!” Elhadj Ndoye Founder of “The Forgotten Children”.


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