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UNITED STATES: Serena Williams in tears after Australia Open semifinal defeat

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America’s Serena Williams lost in two sets (6-3, 6-4) on Thursday to Japan’s Naomi Osaka in the Australian Open semi-final. She was very moved in the post-game press conference.

Is it retirement time for Serena Williams? The question deserves to be asked in the light of his deep emotion as he greets the audience after his defeat in the semi-final of the Australian Open. Serena Williams greeted the crowd one last time before laying her hand on her heart as a sign of farewell.

She then showed no complacency with her game at the post-game press conference. “I made so many mistakes today (24 direct mistakes for only 12 winning points). Honestly, I had opportunities, I could have led 5-0 (in the first set). I just made so many mistakes and especially direct mistakes in forehand! It was a big problem for me today.I felt good, I felt my shots. I hit this whole tournament. I made too many mistakes on easy things. It’s not like it’s at the end of a race, a long exchange,” said the youngest of the Williams sisters.

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What about greeting the crowd? She was evasive. “I don’t know. The Australian audience is so amazing. It was nice to find him», replied the tenniswoman. About her possible retirement, Serena Williams was very clear. “If I ever said goodbye, I wouldn’t tell anyone,” she said. The American then broke down by melting in tears and interrupting her face-to-face with the journalists. A sequence that greatly moved the Internet users.

Serena Williams has played 986 games in her career, including 414 in the Grand Slam and 105 at the Australian Open. She has won 23 Grand Slam titles. She is the second most sacred player in women’s tennis history, just behind the legend Margaret Smith Court and her 24 crowns.


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