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CONGO – Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas, the main opponent of Denis Sassou Nguesso who died


While the results of the presidential elections of this Sunday, March 21, 2021 have not yet been communicated, the main opponent of the outgoing president, Denis Sassou Nguesso, has died at the age of 60 after contracting Covid-19. Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas was evacuated by medical plane to Paris but he bowed out on Monday March 22 even before arriving at the hospital, according to his campaign director, Christian Cyr Rodrigue Mayanda. Regarded as the hope of the country with his speeches which promote radical change, he was in the lead in many localities according to the first trends.

The main opponent in Congo Brazzaville, Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas, died on Monday, March 22, the day after the presidential election, during his transfer to Paris. Victim of Covid-19, the candidate for change who said he was fighting against death could not win the fight. “He died in the medical plane which had come to pick him up in Brazzaville on Sunday afternoon. We will continue to count the ballots. He was in the lead in a number of localities,” said his campaign director, Christian Cyr Rodrigue Mayanda.

Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday March 19. He was unable to attend his last campaign rally in Brazzaville, the capital. In a video posted on social networks by the opponent on Saturday, March 21, a few hours before the ballot, he urged the population to go and vote en masse to achieve this long-awaited change. “My dear compatriots, I am fighting against death, but nevertheless, I ask you to stand up. Go and vote for change. I would not have fought for nothing,” he said without failing to add as he handed over his mask “stand up as one man. Make me happy. I fight on my deathbed. You too, fight, for your change. Your children’s future depends on it.”

Second in the 2016 presidential election won in the first round by Denis Sassou Nguesso, Guy-Brice Parfait Kolelas is committed to achieving alternation in this country of 5.2 million inhabitants. His speech began to convince a good part of the youth who also wanted a new wind of democracy to blow in this country.

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Remember that the outgoing 77-year-old president, Denis Sassou Nguesso, has been at the head of Congo Brazzaville for 36 years. He took part in the presidential election on Sunday March 21 to try to run for a fourth term. Throughout his campaign, he displayed his wish to be re-elected in the first round.


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