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SENEGAL – The Dakar Carnival is about to become a real institution by Fatou Kassé-Sarr

Fatou Cassé-Sarr, Organizer of the "Dakar Carnival"

Article produced in collaboration with Bamba Siaka Doh Ouattara

On November 25, 26, 27, 2022, the last weekend of November, over three days, the Dakar Carnival will take place in Senegal. This third edition, under the banner of sport and culture, will be sponsored by Baaba Maal, the Senegalese star. Country in the spotlight: the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 14 disciplines represented! More than 7,000 visitors expected! There will be Thiébou Dieun, at will.

Born in 2019, the Dakar Carnival is in its third edition. It is held every year in the last week of November. A joyful place for the mixing of peoples and cultures, this festive event is a showcase for promoting the diversity and spirit of the Téranga. With its young tradition and strong moments: local gastronomies, street food, local products, parade in traditional costume, dance demonstration, skit, etc. During these three days, a village welcomes festival-goers, visitors and entertainment. It will be the occasion of a guided tour of the Centennial Alleys, the Monument of the Resistance and the Museum of Black Civilizations. Each day is dedicated to an activity. On Friday, November 25, the 1st day, the ceremony will begin the speeches of the authorities who will come many. The next day, the children’s parade and Sunday, the last day, closing day, a large meal, in wolof, “Grand Agn” (Garnd lunches) or sabar of closing will be taken by the festival-goers. If the first two editions went well, it is largely due to the initiator and organizer Fatou Kassé-Sarr.

Who is Fatou Kassé-Sarr?
Fatou Kassé-Sarr is General Manager of LabellCom. A structure created in 2018 that “creates engaging social marketing plans to help brands communicate with their audiences.” She is the chief organizer of the Dakar Carnival. In the oven and in the mill, but behind her, you have to rely on a professional staff. This young woman in her fifties, is a former substitute deputy in French Parliament. Married and mother of two children, this specialist in political and public communication, aims, through this Carnival, to “promote and enhance the cultural diversity of Senegal”. And with the last two editions, successes, it must be said, we can say that it has succeeded. She did not fail to congratulate: “the Presidency of Senegal, in partnership with the Senegalese Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport.”

Fatou Cassé-Sarr, Organizer of the “Dakar Carnival”

Haal Pulaar culture in the spotlight
After the Congnaguis (2019) and the Lébous (2021), it is the turn of the Haal Pulaar, with a representative of size: Baaba Maal who is himself haalpulaar. This Carnival, says Fatou Kassé-Sarr: “values the terroirs and finds synergies with all the actors” while allowing to “develop a local economy”. This Carnival is a lever for the enhancement and promotion of the cultural diversity of Senegal. Through shows, we will know the games of alliance between the Haalpulaar and the peoples, like the series, the diolas… The presence of renowned artists in Dakar also plays an important role in this phase of «discovery».

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Nigeria in the spotlight
After Canada, the country in honour of the Dakar Carnival will be the Federal Republic of Nigeria for this third edition. Why Nigeria? At Zenewsafrica’s microphone, organizer Fatou Kassé-Sarr said: Nigeria is a model of cultural diversity – the country has more than 500 ethnic groups – and a major African industry. And like most carnivals around the world, the Dakar Carnival is a way for the whole world to discover the riches and cultural diversity in Senegal. Culture is a tool that creates jobs».

Fatou Cassé-Sarr, Organizer of the “Dakar Carnival”

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