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LIBYA – The parliament will consider the vote of confidence for the new government on March 8


The Libyan parliament will discuss holding a confidence vote on the new unified government for the divided country on 8 March, said President Aguila Saleh. By ActuCameroun / MSD

Libya, rich in oil, has been plunged into chaos since leader Muammar Gaddafi was ousted and killed in a popular uprising ten years ago. Its UN-recognized National Accord Government (GNA) is based in Tripoli, while the House of Representatives runs a parallel administration based in the east.

“Parliament will meet to discuss a vote of confidence on the government on Monday, 8 March at 11 a.m. in Sirte if the 5+5 Joint Military Commission guarantees the security of the meeting,” Saleh said Friday, referring to a mid-town townroad between east and west. The military commission is a forum with five representatives on each side. “If this proves impossible, the session will be held in the temporary seat of parliament in Tobruk on the same date and time,” he said, adding that the military committee should inform parliament in advance.

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It is not known whether the vote itself will take place on March 8 or whether the meeting will be limited to talks. Prime Minister-designate Abdul Hamid Dbeibah was faced with a deadline of Friday to form his government according to a UN roadmap. However, on Thursday, he announced that he had submitted a “vision” to Mr. Saleh for a cabinet composition that would help steer Libya toward the December elections, and that the names of the proposed ministers would be disclosed to Parliament during the confidence vote. Parliament has 21 days to vote on the list, according to the roadmap.

Source : ActuCameroun / By MDS


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