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[WOMEN’S VOICES] – The Women’s White March was held this morning, by Fatimata Diallo


In Dakar, the weather was gloomy and windy as if to agree with the wounded hearts of women, vacillating under the weight of the multiple violence inflicted on them by a well-established system, unable to question itself.  

Our country succumbs to the blows of arbitrary violence against women, to the denial of their humanity, to the very cruelty of the acts directed against them. 

Insults, beatings, rapes, murders blacken the pages of daily newspapers every day. In homes, in streets, in schools, in offices, all spaces bear the gangrene of insecurity, injustice, disrespect.

Faced with this vicious march of society, women, under the leadership of a collective 
spontaneously formed, without any funding, have made the bet of a healthy march towards progress, towards justice, towards peace. 

Against the fatality of pain, powerlessness and submission, we call for dialogue, respect, compassion and harmony. 
We have an appointment with the sun of the future to welcome the beauty of the world, to illuminate what is darkened, to repel the darkness of violence and ignorance to cross the dawn of a new era. 

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We want to be soldiers of peace, chasing the sufferings, the anger and the despair to pose together, with this first march, the first color of the infinite palette of happiness. 

That is the promise we are making to women who are hiding terrorized in the back of their homes or in the public space. 
Women are resourceful.  A month to organize and run this walk! Our creative and transformational power is phenomenal! Our valour and endurance are evident!

There’s no room for fear. 

Let us stand and walk for the future, for our boys and girls, so as not to overvalue the world we leave!
Thanks to everyone who participated, wherever they are in the world!  

A milestone is set.  It will not be the only one!


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