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MISS WORLD – Ivorian Olivia Yacé is in third place!

Olivia Yacé @Page Facebook Olivia Yacé

The 70th edition of the prestigious Miss World beauty contest held in Puerto Rico delivered its verdict on Thursday, March 17, 2022: Karolina Biewlaska, Miss Poland, who was crowned Miss World 2022. Africa is consoled with the second runner-up position with Ivorian Olivia Yacé, just behind Miss United States, Shree Saini.

Ivorian Olivia Yacé was ranked 2nd runner-up at the end of the final phases of the Miss World beauty contest, this Thursday, March 17, 2022. She is the first francophone African to reach this level.

It should be added that Miss Côte d’Ivoire 2021 was first place in the Top Model Challenge, second place Miss world best national designer and “Head to Head”.

Olivia Yacé, who is the pride of Ivorians and Africans in general, was born in the United States. She is a marketing student at Widenera University in Philadelphia.

Olivia Yacé @Page Facebook Olivia Yacé

On the Facebook social network, Ivorians said they were proud to have been represented with dignity by the young woman. Starting with the President of the Republic, who writes: “My warm congratulations to our Miss, Yacé Olivia Miss Ivory Coast 2021, 2nd Dauphine at the Miss World contest, for having worthily represented our country and magnified Ivorian culture on the world stage. We are proud of you!” , and the Prime Minister, Patrick Achi, who posted these words: “Dear Yacé Olivia Miss Ivory Coast 2021 What pride!!! Yesterday, in front of the world, your charm, your naturalness, your charisma brought to the top the colors of our beautiful nation! Thank you, thank you for everything! And congratulations again, for this title of 2nd Dauphine Miss Monde»


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