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FIGHT – Ama Baldé free to sign other fights


In case of unavailability of Modou Lô for three months, Ama Baldé has the right to sign other contracts. Only, it still remains to fight, against the King of the arenas, to the promoter Luc Nicolaï.

According to article 24 of the General Control Regulations, «In the case where the wrestler is prevented by a disease duly ascertained by a doctor approved by the CNG of control, the fight is postponed without rights to compensation for the promoter». This means that Ama Baldé as Modou Lô will not receive any kopeck from the promoter. Better, they will not be able to withdraw from the fight. And it is the texts of the CNG that guarantee all this.

But another regulation (Article 25) opens another possibility to Seuleu bou Ndaw. It states: His opponent remains under contract for a period of three (03) months. It is free to enter into other commitments beyond this deadline, but will still owe a fight to the promoter who had previously engaged it». This article insists that Ama Baldé will necessarily respect his contractual commitments with Luc Nicolaï. Needless to say, this fight will take place, rain or shine.

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If the Roc des Parcelles Assainies is not completely healed or has not recovered its physical sensations between June and July, it could be totally fit to fight in August. The promoter of the Petite Côte does not exclude this possibility. He says: If the CNG extends the season until August 2022, I could organize the event. I would really like to have this fight and move on.” That means August is a possible date as well.

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