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MPRISONMENT OF POPE ALÉ NIANG – Paris’ call against the monster


Shame on those who sing while the monster tortures, imprisons and kills in Senegal.
Dear compatriots, the hour is grave, Senegal is going through the most dramatic moments in its political history because of the monstrosity of a president who thinks everything is possible with his people in order to satisfy his most hideous and unconstitutional political desires.

The time is no longer for «spontaneous indignation»: it is necessary to stand up against the atrocities of the monster which establishes a state terror, which binds anyone who manifests an ounce of contradiction in the political, media, and public space, and wishes to subject the Senegalese, deprived of all their most elementary rights (right to protest, freedom to inform, right to protest).

Today the popular indignation at the injustice inflicted on the investigative journalist, administrator of the online news site Dakarmatin, Pape Alé Niang leaves the monster completely indifferent. One victim among many. One victim too many.

Let us mobilize to curb the indiscriminate, disproportionate violence and the destructive madness of President Macky Sall, who resists the rules of the democratic game, and who never ceases to lay the foundations for the undermining of the cohesion of our nation with the complicity of a submissive Justice, under orders.

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The objective of Paris’ appeal against the monster is to unite all citizens who love justice and freedom, outraged by the abject practices of the regime of Macky Sall, marked by the seal of evil governance, generalized arbitrariness, impunity, nepotism, mismanagement, grabbing and rampant plunder of public resources. This APPEAL aims to sound the general mobilization of all Senegalese (of the country and the diaspora), and constitutes a rampart, a sentinel of democracy, a framework of actions to relay, and amplify the struggle for the restoration of the rule of law in Senegal, with only one imperative: defeat the MONSTER.

Let us mobilize!
Khaly Marame Ngouille Ndiaye: Journalist
Seybani Sougou: Lawyer-member of civil society
Sheikh Tidiane Youm: Directoir du Pur
Ibrahima Diop: ENCO MP
Ibra Khady Ndiaye: Journalist
Sanou Dione: Deputy Yewwi
Ibrahima Thiam: President of the Movement Another Future (AA)
Ndeye Satala Diop: Deputy of the ENCO
Malick Youm: Secretary General Platform Taxawu Dakar
Aboubacr Bengelloun: Initiator not in the third mandate
Madi Seydi: Director of Communications Consulting
Mamadou Séck: Doctor
Thierno Niang: CEO of Label Tneventsprod
Alioune Ndiaye: Journalist
Yaye Amy Diop: Private Sector Administrative Framework
Rokia: Journalist
Queen Mother: President of Family-PAN
Aliou Sall ENCO MP


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