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PEOPLE – The marriage of Lilian Thuram and Karren Guiock angers the inhabitants of Fontainebleau


On Tuesday, August 24, 2022, former French international Lilian Thuram (50) and charming French journalist Kareen Guiock (44) celebrated their union. For a wedding they wanted discreet and sober, all of Fontainebleau was awakened by a pyrotechnic cocktail as explosive as it was deflagrating.

Seine-et-Marne. Château de Fontainebleau. Around one o’clock in the morning, while the Bellifontains slept a heavy sleep in their wealthy building, they were torn from Morpheus’ hands by a series of detonations. For the first time in their lives, some of these rich people have experienced urban pyrotechnics for the first time. Where could this have come from? Military exercises? Would the Russians be storming France? That was enough to stop getting the night’s sleep.

It was the social networks that gave the real story. And surprise. In football, we would call that a counterweight. It was the festivities of the former Blues player and the M6 reporter. They got married. It wasn’t early. They had been together for seven years. After the exchange of vows at the town hall, they went to continue the party at the Château de Fontainebleau. For festivities that should have ended at 11 p.m., they lasted until very late at night. And at 1:30, a fireworks display was fired, not without angering the inhabitants who did not sleep at night.

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So far, no complaints have been filed. But the anger of the residents was visible on the social networks and they were directed against the person of the mayor who would have allowed such an act of disrespect towards the inhabitants of his commune. The Bellifontains have shown their exasperation. Starting with the mayor of the city, Julien Gondard: “I am a hallucinate,” said the latter. Rather during the day, he said he was “proud to have married the country’s child”. The Daily also made it clear: Everyone has to respect the rules. Lilian Thuram or someone else is the same. The given time must be respected. Bars and restaurants also have closing hours and they deal with it.” In a tweet, an inhabitant said, “I find it […] a deep disrespect for the Bellifontains of which I am a member, who would like to sleep in tranquility, some rising early the next day.”

Thuram, a very emblematic figure in the fight against racism (and even more so) since his end of his career in 2008, will have to give explanations. We just hope that this does not slip into a communal war. Let us remember that the former champion of France is in his third marriage. The last with host Karine Le Marchand ended up before the judge.


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