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CAMEROON/IVORY COAST – Tenor and Eunice fights, the Web is on fire: the case to the courts

Tenor et Eunice ©Ifrii

Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire are not likely to smoke the peace pipe tomorrow. After the quarrels of the supports during the last CAN, it is the turn of the artists to stir the Web. Eunice has put down her lover. Tenor has hit his half. Self-defense? Bad Buzz? Not sure they’ll make it to this long-awaited wedding by the fans. For a union that had begun on the rocks, this fight sounded like a brake. Too bad. While waiting for each member of the couple to give his version of the facts before the judge, everyone goes on to comment.

Among the stars, domestic dissension is commonplace. Last month, it was Aya Nakamura and Vladimir Boudnikoff who talked about them in an art where they were least expected: a singular domestic fight. The other day, it is around the Cameroonian star Tenor and the Ivorian humorist, Eunice Zugnon, to ignite the web in an exercise where they were least expected: boxing in the bedroom. Internet users have been quick to get into bed. We love gossip, especially when it comes to celebrities.

In a video that leaked on the web, we see very clearly Tenor and Eunice engaged in a fight of rare violence. We witnessed a brutal fight. Generally speaking, when we talk about domestic violence, we immediately think of a battered woman, flabbergasted, who appears in a photo with black butter eyes. But, the video shows us something completely different: Tenor, this big tough guy, in an unfavorable position. Men too can be “bullied” by women, as can be seen from the video. What happened – really?

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Contrary to most Internet users, who from their living rooms, decide in a peremptory way, who of one or the other is right, we will not advance any judgment; we do not have the soul of prosecutors of media justice. We are a serious newspaper: we always wait for the end word before drawing conclusions. Since the case would now be before the courts. I want to report assaults because I followed him but he knocked me down,” she said, according to some indiscretions. We’re waiting to see.

In this case two mobilities are emerging. On one side, as on the other, the positions are clear. Each group of fans blocks behind its star: each judge, condemns, agrees with one, asks for capital punishment for the other. While some call Tenor scum. Others assassinate Eunice. The video is enough. We don’t care what the man or the woman says.


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