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SENEGAL – Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival: Mame Woury Thioub wins short documentary award

Mame Woury Thioub @Capture photo : Le Soleil

Senegalese director Mame Woury Thioub wins the short documentary award at the 39th Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival in Montreal from April 21 to 30, 2023.

The Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival is the largest festival of its kind outside the continent, screening more than 100 films each year about Africa, the Creole countries and their diasporas. A showcase for African and Creole cinema, this must-see event is a forum for exchange between international film professionals.

With a new perspective on Africa, Creole countries and diasporas, through the dissemination of cultural productions, Vues d’Afrique promotes cultural diversity and the rapprochement between people of all origins and African and Creole countries.

Mame Woury Thioubou is a journalist by training. Between 2004 and 2007, she was the Matam correspondent for Le Quotidien. In 2009, she joined the Master of Documentary Direction of Creation of the University Gaston Berger de Saint Louis (UGB). The school film she directed in 2009, Face à face, won the Ebène award for Best Documentary at the Neighbourhood Film Festival.

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In 2011, she directed Une journée avec Ngoné as part of a series in collaboration with Arte. Mame Woury Thioubou, who trained at Africadoc des Fondamentaux de la Production in 2016, joined the Impluvium Productions structure.

The same year, she directed her first medium-length film Agora Braille, which deals with the schooling of blind children in Senegal through the struggle of an emblematic woman, Aïssata Pouye. In 2018, she completed her first feature film, Fifiré en Pays Cuballo in the Senegal River Valley.


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