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SENEGAL: Big demonstration of Women in Dakar.

Women with the sign of the slogan "Dafadoy" - © Fatou Warkha Sambe

It was the death of Bineta Camara who moved the lines. This young girl from Tambacounda could not escape the death imposed by her executioner. The latter in an outburst of attempted rape has ended his life.

In Dakar, the capital, on May 25, 2019 at the Place de l’Obélisque, women journalists, deputies, presidents of associations fighting against violence against women, teachers or even former candidates like Amsatou Sall Sidibé took the demonstration to say no to violence against women under the slogan “DAFADOY” enough!

While some advocate for the return of the death penalty in Senegal to eradicate this dangerous situation for other women more nuance as the former president of the AJS (Lawers Senegalese Association) wishes more sanctions from the state.

His reaction on this video:

Pictures of the demonstration ©Fatou Warkha Sambe:


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