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EGYPT – $2.5 billion by 2025 for seawater desalination


Egypt plans to build 17 seawater desalination units by 2025. To do this, the government, through the private sector, hopes to mobilize the sum of $2.5 billion. These facilities will be functional thanks to renewable energies such as solar. This will produce 2.8 million cubic metres of drinking water per day.

The Egyptian authorities have been betting for some years on the desalination of seawater. A major project worth $2.5 billion will make it possible to achieve this objective and produce a good quantity of drinking water for the population. This will further secure the Nile River, which already provides 80% of the country’s drinking water supply. 

Indeed, with the reduction in the flow of the river due in particular to the increase in evaporation due to climate warming and the erection of the Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) erected on the Blue Nile, the main tributary of the Nile, it is to ensure the long-term drinking water needs of the Egyptian population.

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The project facilities will be built, owned and operated by the Egyptian Sovereign Wealth Fund in partnership with local and international private investors. The government of the country of the Pharaohs plans to release an envelope of 134 billion pounds, or $8.5 billion), to reach, by 2050, a production capacity of 6.4 million cubic meters per day of drinking water 

Note that in Egypt, there are already more than 70 desalination units in the governorates of the Red Sea, Sinai (North and South), Suez and Ismailia. They account for less than 1% of the national water consumption estimated at more than 100 billion cubic metres per year.


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