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SENEGAL – Towards a new administrative division, which will now change

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As announced by the Head of State after his visit to Keur Massar badly affected by the floods in November 2020, an administrative redistribution of this part of Senegal was necessary. Thus, the president has passed to the act since henceforth the commune of Keur Massar created in 1996 will be erected department. Sangalkam and Jaxaay became boroughs. Medina Thioub will be attached to the commune of Sangalkam and Niacoulrab to that of Tivaouane Peulh and Niaga. Jaxaay will join the department of Keur Massar. This is what can be seen in the new project of administrative division of this area of the Dakar region.

That’s it! Keur Massar will become the 46th department in Senegal according to the new changes introduced by the Head of State Macky Sall. A measure that the President of the Republic considers as a strong social demand of the 59,000 inhabitants of Keur Massar. 

With this new division of this part of Senegal, the commune of Bambilor will lose 5 villages in favor of the commune of Sangalkam: Kounoune, Kounoune Ngalap, Keur Daouda Sarr, Keur Ndiaye Lo, Cité Mbaba Guissé. Therefore, the commune of Bambilor will now have 14 villages instead of 19. Another change will also be noted in the municipality of Jaxaay-Parcelles-Niakoulrap created in 2011. Before this new configuration, it was part of the department of Rufisque but now it will be affiliated to the department of Keur Massar. “This division will allow a spatial and demographic rebalancing of the two communes which will end up with practically the same areas.” , said Modou Bassirou Ndao, sub-prefect of Bambilor.

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However, before the validation of this new administrative division, a municipal council will be convened this Friday, May 7, 2021 in accordance with articles 23, 76, 77, and 78 of the general code of territorial collectivities. Indeed, as soon as there is any territorial change (abolition, merger, division, attachment of one part of a territorial collectivity to another), the opinion of the council of territorial collectivities is obligatorily required. “Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the General Code of Local and Regional Authorities, in particular Articles 145, 146 thereof, I ask you to convene the Municipal Council, in emergency procedure, on Friday, May 7, 2021 at 3 p.m.”, indicates the document signed by the Sub-Prefect of Bambilor.

It is only after the tabling on Monday, May 10, 2021 of the Minutes of the Council meeting that the new division may be formalized, modified or rejected.


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