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LIBYA: UN calls for rapid formation of an inclusive government


The inter-Ibyan political dialogue announced on Tuesday, 09 February, that it had reached an agreement on a new unified interim executive authority. Its mission will be to guide the country towards the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for December 2021. The United Nations welcomed this news and immediately called on the new Transitional Council to quickly form an inclusive government.

A glimmer of hope in Libya after ten years of conflict. Regional and tribal leaders, representatives of political factions, participated in the negotiations organized under the aegis of the UN and whose 75 participants voted the leaders of a transitional authority. The latter will be responsible for preparing the organization of the next national elections that are supposed to allow the country to regain its stability.

The UN has called on this new authority to quickly agree on the formation of a new inclusive government and to proceed with the necessary preparations for the national presidential and legislative elections scheduled for 24 December 2021. According to the former acting UN envoy, Stephanie Williams, this will be a «light force» and «evolutionary», including unarmed civilian observers. “Libyans have drawn up a list of nationalities directly involved in the conflict that they do not want to see in this observation unit and are looking for observers from other countries,” she said on Friday without giving any indication of the states in question. 

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Abdel Hamid Dbeibah and Mohammed Younes el-Menfi, respectively elected Interim Prime Minister and President of the Presidential Council, must reunite the institutions of a divisive state, with two hitherto rival authorities based in the West and East.

The 15-member Council called on all parties to fully implement the October 2020 ceasefire agreement. They call on UN member states to “respect and support the full implementation of the agreement, including the immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.” 

The Security Council also called on all Member States to fully comply with the arms embargo imposed by the Council in accordance with the relevant resolutions.It also stressed the importance of implementing a credible and effective monitoring mechanism for the ceasefire led by Libya under the auspices of the United Nations, and welcomed the rapid deployment of a forward team in Libya.


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