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COTE D’IVOIRE: “Ligne Indigo”… to seduce ladies.


Don Sophie is a young Ivorian passionate about fashion. She is the creator of “Ligne Indigo”, the clothing brand which in just 6 years of existence has become a benchmark in the Ivory Coast. Her shop, located in the upscale town of Cocody, in the political capital, is mostly visited by women from the middle class, even if she emphasizes that her creations are broadly accessible. Who is this fashion designer whose dresses are ripping off by fashionistas? Portrait of a former bank executive who traded the numbers for a pencil.

With a DUT medical secretariat obtained at INSET (National Higher Institute of Technical Education), Don Sophie will not work long in the field of his training. She quickly finds herself at the switchboard … of a bank. And 4 years ago she was responsible for customer service, then account manager. A little later, she will be branch manager in another bank. But after two years of practice, she decides to give up everything to devote herself entirely to her first love: fashion! In fact, alongside her job, she already ran a ready-to-wear store for pregnant women.

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Don Sophie specializes in indigo! “Originally, indigo was a color, a shade of blue mixed with purple. By abuse of language, today assimilates it to anything that is dyed on the fabric, ”she explains.

She begins this new adventure by making household linen. Inspired by the dyers in Anyama, the city of her childhood. For 5 years, she has worked with her dressmakers and dyers in her workshop, which has now become a growing company. For the happiness of its constantly growing clientele who compete for their new creations.

His head is teeming with original ideas which are reflected in his creations for the happiness of these ladies … but also of men. “Our customers are always there because we offer them dresses, men’s shirts, shoes, jewelry that they can’t see elsewhere. “Today, the fashion designer wants to take another step: to sell her products, whose originality is no longer to be demonstrated, internationally. But first, she dreams of a big parade in Anyama. A show that would be like a mark of recognition for this city that inspires her so !


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