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WHAT IS AFRICA FOR YOU: Diaka Camara, CEO CBCworldwide talks about Africa

Diaka Camara Journalist, producer and President of CBCworldwide @moe_mazboudi_photography

[FOR YOU, THAT’S WHAT AFRICA] is a Ze-Africanews.com show. This is a series of interviews of African men and women from the continent and the diaspora: journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, opinion leaders, political actors, activists… To tell us their ambition and their AFRICAN vision. In this edition Diaka Camara CEO Cbcworldwide, journalist, producer of television programs, President of “Diaka Camara Foundation” speaks of her love, passion, ambition, thoughts, philosophy and vision of the African continent.

CBC Worldwide is a Communications and Audiovisual Productions agency, specializing in the areas of Communication, Audiovisual Production, Consulting and Events. On the audiovisual level we intervene at all levels (design, editing, broadcasting). From cultural programming to commercials to documentaries and reality TV, CBC Worldwide’s achievements guarantee unique content that is tailor-made.

Diaka Camara Journalist, producer and CEO CBCworldwide

According to Diaka Camara, their vision at CBC Worldwide is simple: “We smell the air of time. We have convictions. We take strong, sometimes radical, but always assumed and justified biases. It is our intuition that guides us through our experience. Cinema, production and more broadly communication is not an exact science, and that’s why we love it, that we practice it, and that we believe in its power of transformation and popularization.” She explained.

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In this interview Diaka Camara paints the picture of an Africa full of talent, of the youth of the population, of the achievements made by men and women of ambitions who want to change the continent on all levels.

The full interview here :


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