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TUNISIA: President Kaïs Saïed calls for calm after three days of rioting

President Kaïs Saïed @Tribune de Genève

Due to the economic and social crisis in the country exacerbated by the current pandemic, the Tunisian population was regularly on the streets protesting the measures deemed inappropriate by the government. Many arrests have been made during curfew protests in a health situation dominated by the covid-19 pandemic. The clashes between the police and the rioters resulted in more than 600 arrests. President Kaïs Saïed calls for a return to calm.

It is in the city of Ariana, one of the most important cities in the suburbs of Tunis, which is located in the north of the capital, near the international airport of Tunis-Carthage that President Kaïs Saïed met with young Tunisians.

“Through you, I want to speak to all the Tunisian people, I know the state of poverty and I know who exploits your poverty. Do not let anyone exploit your misery, do not attack public and private property, we live today because of moral values and not because of looting” he affirmed.

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After several days of non-stop demonstrations, including from Friday 15 January to Monday 18 January 2021 in cities such as Kasserine, Siliana, Sfax or even in the suburbs of Tunis, in the neighborhood of Ettadhamen, the Tunisian police were forced to restore order. Despite the introduction of curfew, many young people went out to protest.

The reason for this dissent is related to the economic and social difficulties that Tunisians have been experiencing for several months, a situation made more complex by the impacts of Covid-19. 

632 people between the ages of 15 and 25 were arrested according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. These young people, desperate, have sown chaos by burning tires and dustbins against the police who were forced to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed’s appeal for calm to the rioters is part of a calming movement.


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