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SENEGAL: Reug Reug, the colossus of Thiaroye beats Alain Ngalani in MMA Mixed Martial Art

Reug Reug, lThe colossus of Thiaroye @Boxe Mag

Wrestler Oumar Kane aka Reug Reug emerged victorious from his fight at the One Championship in Singapore against Cameroon’s multiple world champion, Alain Ngalani. A second important victory for the rest of his career in MMA (Mixed Martial Art). A discipline that combines several martial arts, and that is practiced both standing with boxing techniques and on the ground with grappling techniques.

Thiaroye’s Lightning came to the end, by KO, of the Cameroonian champion Alain Ngalani, Friday, January 22, 2021, after only five minutes of combat. Reug Reug has left Singapore since Sunday. He returned to New York where he continued his training in view of his other matches in MMA but also of his clash against Gouye-Gui in Senegalese wrestling with shots. 

It must be said that Oumar Kane aka Reug Reug, aged 28, was sure to win his duel against Alain Ngalani. Indeed, far from underestimating his opponent, he considered that he was of size, very respectable in addition, with a particular course. This will motivate me more to multiply myself in order to return with the victory. It is unimaginable that he is stronger or more powerful than me. He works as I do now with my coach. Those who miss the fight will regret it. I promise you,” he said, adding, “We are in a world where nothing is given, but everything is given away. You have to believe in it and work to earn the confidence you put in yourself. After my performance in my first fight, they certainly realized that I deserved to face an opponent like Alain Ngalani. And as I said earlier, I’m going to redouble my efforts to get by with the win. And with the way if necessary.” 

Now, the goal for Reug Reug is to capture the gold belt at the ONE Championship. “I am truly pleased to represent Senegal and to represent Africa in MMA. I have been representing Senegal in competitions in Africa for a long time. In MMA, I represent all of Africa and I would like one day to win the world title. If I get this, it will be for all of Africa,” he said after his victory. 

The Thiaroye native had already signed his first victory in MMA, in 2019, against the Moroccan Sofiane Bouchikou. His second fight was against Russian Ivan Romanov. The meeting was initially scheduled for April 04, 2020, in Brussels, and then postponed to December 04, 2020, in Paris. With the covid-19 health crisis in Europe, the ARES structure, which was supposed to organize the fight, finally decided to cancel. Even if the contract had not fully come to an end, ARES Fighting Championship wanted to free the wrestler to allow him to sign other contracts with other structures.

Reug Reug, lThe colossus of Thiaroye @La Sueur

Oumar Kane, named after an athlete named Reug-Reug, was born in Thiaroye-Sur-Mer, a fishing village on the south-eastern coast of Cape Verde, in the suburbs of Dakar. Fishing is therefore the main income-generating activity in this locality. But since Reug-Reug was born into a family of wrestlers, he began to fight from a very young age. At the age of 16, he began to fight in the “Mbapatt”, a traditional night-time struggle. He then left the family home to settle in a serene village (an ethnic group in Senegal very adept in traditional wrestling techniques). He tested his skills by participating in numerous competitions. 

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Reug Reug returned to Dakar in 2012 to sign his first official fight. And since then, his impressive record speaks for him: 15 fights, 13 wins, zero draws, zero losses and two fights without a verdict. In 2019, he made the decision to move to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). “I switched to mixed martial arts because it is a combat sport that I love and I would like to practice it until I reach the highest level and get the gold belt,” said Reug Reug.

Reug Reug, lThe colossus of Thiaroye @Dakarsport

The young wrestler has won several trophies, medals and honours to his credit. He won the gold medal at the Dakar Tournament held during the 2014-2015 wrestling season. For the 2015-16 season alone, he won a slew of flags, medals and trophies. 

Indeed, he was winner of the flags Macky Sall, First Lady Marième Faye Sall and Aliou Sall, winner of the three galas of Yékini, two gold medals (individual and team) at TOLAC (ECOWAS Tournament).

The colossus of Thiaroye has not yet said his last word. Its size, its strength, its corpulence, its unique fighting techniques on the ring, leave no one indifferent.


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