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SEYCHELLES: Wavel Ramkalawan elected President of the Republic

President Wavel Ramkalawan @Yeclo

It is a historic moment, after 43 years of rule, the ruling party lost power in the presidential and legislative elections that took place on 22 and 24 October. The opposition won the crown of the throne on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

It was the opposition candidate Wavel Ramkalawan 59 years old who won the elections with 54.9% of the votes cast against 43.5% obtained by outgoing President Dany Faure. It was his sixth presidential candidacy, he had failed by less than 200 votes against outgoing James Michel in 2015. Another important fact is that the opposition still holds a majority in the National Assembly. 

It was a historic victory for the opposition, which came to power for the first time since 1977. President Dany Faure, candidate for his own succession, hoped to run for a second term. As a reminder, his party, Seychelles Unity, has been in power for 43 years. It has just recognized its defeat against their challenger. “I will support a peaceful transition. “I thank the people of Seychelles for their political maturity in these elections. The people have decided. I accept their decision and their will. I congratulate Mr. Ramkalawan as the new elected president of this republic. I wish him great courage. I tell him that I will be there at any time when he needs my advice.” declared former President Dany Faure after the release of the election results.

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Only downside, the health crisis related to the covid-19 pandemic prevented the diaspora vote. However, the elections were held peacefully across the entire territory, according to observers. 74,600 voters from the archipelago of 115 islands, scattered in the Indian Ocean, were called to the polls. The newly elected president praised the greatness of his predecessor. “We don’t want any insults, because of political differences. We must not have a dirty spirit between us. I would like to express my respect to President Dany Faure. These elections do not mean the end of his contribution. President Faure, I would like to thank you for the work you have done.”

The swearing-in of the new head of state was announced for October 26 at his inauguration.


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