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CAMEROON: End-of-year message from Morgan Palmer.

Morgan Palmer, Fonder of MP3

End-of-year message from Morgan Palmer, Founder of MP3: 2019, years of failure

My dear compatriots, Dear Cameroonian brothers and sisters,
2019 is coming to an end. We can speak of disastrous, to qualify this year punctuated by the inflation of conflicts in our Country. In 65 years of existence, Cameroon has never been so divided. The metastases of tribalism have arisen. Invigorating this cancer which destroys societies elsewhere. The quarrels between Cameroonians became intense. Coming to add to the mediocrity of our current governing leadership. This has consolidated the devaluation of our label internationally. Everyone is laughing at us now. Astonished to see us transform a jewel into gold Cameroon into junk.

It was however a distant time, where the name Cameroon rhymed with excellence. We were bursting with agility and expertise in several areas. Forcing the admiration of other nations. Today it is in the humor or news item that our country is mentioned. Whether to highlight our inability to organize a football competition, or to ensure the construction of priority infrastructure such as dams. 426 billion FCFA were buried in Memvelé, breaking the overcharging records for a building of this type. For an announced capacity of 211 MW, today, after delivery Memvele produces only one third. 80MW. The same errors can be noted for the Mekim Dam. A bill of nearly 100 billion, paid by the Cameroonian taxpayer. An operating company Hydro Mekim was created 10 years ago, with a Managing Director earning a salary of 10 million every month while the dam in question has never produced any mega watt of electrical energy.

Of course saying it will trigger the outcry against us. We will be taxed as antipatriots just because we want another Cameroonian for our children. The only guardian figure who could have whistled the end of this tragedy, chose in a public speech to bring rather unfailing support to those responsible for this crime, magnifying I quote: ” the human and professional qualities of his Ministers ”. Those who had doubts about collusion at the top of our state are now fixed.

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The privatization of profits, the pooling of losses, this is what the powerless Cameroonians are entitled to for 40 years soon. These always the same ones who profit. The elected people of Cameroonian leaders.

The majority of the intellectual class, traditional and moral authorities have given up playing their role of policeman of our governance. Everyone has prioritized their personal comfort.

As a result, movements like the MP3 have emerged from civil society made up of citizens determined to rethink Cameroon afterwards. The one we want to leave to our children. And to our surprise, we sometimes wipe the nuclear charge of these people that we have not heard during the 40 years of mistakes in our current governance. Through sporadic outings, they try their hand at sterile criticism of our actions. It would have been interesting to see their courage lead them also to criticism of the current majority entangled in the most sordid diversions.
As the alternation at the top of the state approaches at high speed, looming on the horizon are beams of hope.
The hope of seeing ordinary citizens engage in resistance to this organized robbery on our country.

The stakes are for the future. Are we going to let the current tyranny continue through one of its second knives?

The idea of ​​gathering, of reconciliation for the reconstruction of Cameroon is more than ever present in our mind.
You have to be ready. By defining Cameroon’s content today according to, in order to be able to face any acceleration of the agenda. Our youth must come out of this role that others have written for them. Let’s stop dreading death. This fear annihilates any initiative taken. History will remember those who acted.

In the name of MP3, allow me to send you all my wishes for this year 2020 punctuated by surprises.

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