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GABON: The prosecutor issues two international arrest warrants.

Le procureur André Patrick Roponat ©Afrik.com

The prosecutor of the Republic of Gabon, André Patrick Roponat, took stock of the anti-corruption operation called “Scorpion” in progress in the country since early November 2019. This Saturday, January 4, 2020, in an address broadcast on television Gabonese, he issued two international arrest warrants against two personalities.

The anti-corruption operation launched in early November 2019 in Gabon, targets many authorities. This is evident from the remarks made by the public prosecutor during his radio and television address on Saturday January 4, 2020.

The two personalities targeted by the arrest warrants are Raphaël Nze Minko, brother-in-law of the deposed director of cabinet Brice Laccruche Alihanga, and Gervais Martial Koulayo Houlpaye, engineer graduated from the African Institute of Computer Science (IAI) and co-founder , in 2012, with Robert Womendjia, from a start-up called Easytech Gabon.

The prosecutor wanted to clarify that the arrest warrants do not mean that the accused are guilty. They still benefit from the presumption of innocence. For the moment, they just have to answer for the facts for which they are being prosecuted.


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