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BURMA: Calls for civil disobedience multiply on social networks

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Two days after the coup d’état in Burma, calls for disobedience are multiplying on social networks, especially on Facebook. People are showing the first signs of resistance and are calling for the restoration of the rule of law.

On Monday, the military seized power in Burma. They then declared a state of emergency for one year and placed Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint under house arrest. But already, the first signs of resistance are showing in the population even if the fear of reprisals remains strong in the country. The population received the order to knock on pots, every evening at 8 pm, on the balconies and the front of houses in protest against the presence of the army.

A group called «the civil disobedience movement» was launched on Facebook and had nearly 150,000 followers on Wednesday morning. “Shame on the army,” “the military are thieves,” it says. Doctors and health professionals have announced that they will refuse any work, except in the event of a medical emergency. “We will obey only our democratically elected government,” they wrote in a joint statement.
Members of the medical staff of the Yangon General Hospital also gathered in front of the institution, saluting with three fingers, a gesture of resistance already adopted by pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong or Thailand.

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The UN Security Council met urgently behind closed doors on Tuesday, but failed to agree on a common text. To be adopted, this joint declaration requires the support of China, which exercises a veto as a permanent member of the Security Council. However, Beijing remains Burma’s main support to the United Nations. Negotiations are ongoing, according to a diplomat who requested anonymity.


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