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UNITED STATES: Biden wants to reunite families separated by immigration

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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed on Tuesday 2 February 2021 three decrees on immigration. The first decree provides for the establishment of a working group to find the parents of 600 children whose families have not yet been located.

As he has done since the beginning of his mandate, Joe Biden has been working hard to put things right. “I don’t make new laws, I eliminate bad policies,” he said from the Oval Office. The American president wants to reunite, through these decrees, families dislocated upon their arrival in the United States. Therefore, the first order in council calls for the establishment of a task force to track down the parents of hundreds of children who have been separated from their families.

“We will work to remove the moral and national shame of the previous administration, which literally ripped the children from the arms of their families, fathers and mothers at the border, without any plan, no plan for these children, who are still in detention, can reunite with their families,” Biden said.

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The second decree reinstates legal immigration routes abolished by the Trump administration. The third decree aims to promote the integration of migrants legally settled in the United States. According to senior officials, it plans to “make naturalization more accessible to the nine million people eligible for US citizenship”.

A piece on immigration has already gone to Congress. But the elected officials have not started to look at it. It will take the vote of Republican senators to pass. This does not seem to have been won in advance since already voices are raised to criticize the series of decrees adopted by Biden to annul the decisions of the Trump administration.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham regretted Biden’s efforts to “remove some of Donald Trump’s gains against illegal immigration”. He believes his measures “are revenue for disaster and will create an influx to the border”.


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