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SENEGAL: Death of the Diol family in Denver: the identity of 2 suspects revealed by the American justice system


The American justice system had decided to try as adults two of the three alleged perpetrators of the Denver arson, which cost the life of five members of the Diol family and that their identity will be revealed. This has just been done. By SenegalActu

Their names are Kevin Bui and Gavin Seymour. They’re all 16 years old. They are now charged and will be tried as adults in the arson case that killed Djiby Diol, his daughter, his wife and two other relatives in Denver last August. They no longer benefit from the favours granted to minor detainees. And the prosecutor’s office has made this fact clear by making public their identity.

The number of charges against them has increased. He went from 28 to 60 counts, including five counts of first degree murder, several counts of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, arson, burglary, first degree conspiracy, etc. The files were filed with the Denver District Court. The date of the hearing has not yet been disclosed.

For the third suspect arrested in this case, he’s 15 years old. Carolyn Tyler, spokesperson for the district prosecutor’s office, told the US press that the prosecutor’s office has requested that his case be transferred to the Denver district juvenile court. It should be noted that a fourth person, Tanya Bui, was also arrested in the case.

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The fire broke out just around 3 a.m. (Denver time) on 5 August. One baby, one young child and three adults were killed. The victims: Djiby Diol (29 years old) Adja Diol his wife (23 years old), their daughter Khadija Diol (1 year old), Hassan Diol family member (25 years old) and his 7 month old daughter Hawa Baye.

In the aftermath of the barbarism, the Denver police chief said, after the first elements of the investigation, that the fire was deliberately lit by individuals who had fled the area. Then, a reward of several thousand dollars was proposed for those who gave information about the perpetrators of the fire.

“I lost my son. A good son I love very much.A son who never caused me any problems,” cried Abdoulaye Djibril, father of Djiby Diol.President Macky Sall said, “This is a very serious matter that we are following closely.

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