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CONGO: The Prime Minister resigned.


15 days after the victory of the outgoing president, Denis Sassou Nguesso, candidate for his own succession, Prime Minister Clément Mouamba presented the resignation of his government. An information given in a statement of the Presidency of the Republic.

The president of the republic already more than 30 years in power, accepted his resignation which took place on Wednesday August 16, 2017.

The new head of state Denis Sassou Nguesso had a large victory in the presidential elections, won by his party, the Labor Party (PCT).

Congo, an oil producing country, has 4.5 million inhabitants. This announcement comes as the country goes through a financial crisis. Negotiations are currently under way with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to find a way out.

“These difficulties were initially financial. They are now winning the economic field in general, “President Nguesso said on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the country’s independence on 15 August 2017.


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