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SENEGAL – Khaby Lam, from destitution to fame thanks to a simple gesture!

Khaby Lam @Page Facebook Khaby Lam

God’s ways are truly unfathomable. No one would have dared to imagine that one day, Khaby Lam, this young Senegalese from a modest family living in Italy, would become one of the most followed personalities of social networks. Today, it is indeed ” the miracle ” that happened. Khaby Lam, aged 21, even walked on the famous red carpet of the Venice Mostra. How did we get here?

Khaby Lam has not always been the most followed Tiktoker in Europe and the second in the world to reach the 110 million followers it is today. In Italy, the young Khaby was a bricklayer, window washer, waiter, to make a living. When Italy is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and subjected to the rigor of lockdown, Khaby Lam is locked up with his family in social housing. And it’s boredom that will give him a genius idea. To pass the time, he publishes videos on the Tiktok app. Without uttering a single word, he shows the proper use of things through a simple gesture of the hand that will make him world famous. His videos now exceed hundreds of millions of views.

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Khaby Lam has become a true ‘boss’. Emails and partnership requests are pouring in on his table. He even has a special agent who handles all these requests. For a video, the former mason can get up to 180,000 euros today. He may even soon be on the screen of a movie. Here is the fabulous story of a young man who went from destitution to fortune!

Khaby Lam @Page Facebook Khaby Lam


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