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MALI – Transitional President and Prime Minister arrested


“Following a crisis of several months at the national level, taking into account the various strikes and demonstrations of social and political actors, the government led by Mr. Moctar OUANE has shown itself unable to constitute a reliable interlocutor, The European Commission has launched a series of projects in this field.

In the wake of this and unilaterally, the president of the transition accepted the resignation of the government and immediately reappointed the Prime Minister with a mandate to form a new government. The consequence was a general consternation marked by the persistence of strikes by the National Union of Workers of Mali (UNTM), the outcome of which is ultimately an unlimited strike. This state of affairs constitutes a real suffocation of the Malian economy and therefore the guarantee of instability with immeasurable consequences.

In the process of constitution of a new government the newly renewed Prime Minister established a list of governments in agreement with the President of the Transition without consultation with the DeputyPresident in charge of the prerogatives to him conferred by the charter namely, the Defence and Security. Such a move reflects a clear willingness on the part of the transitional president and the Prime Minister to move toward a breach of the transitional charter, contrary to the oath taken when he was sworn in on September 25, 2020. Notwithstanding the various inquiries and negotiations initiated by the Vice-President to the Heads of State of the sub-region and certain chancelleries present in Mali in order to bring the President of the transition and the Prime Minister to respect the requirements of the transitional charter, these remained persistent in their posture.

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Thus, by the oath taken at the same time as the President of the Transition and held by the patriotic commitment made to the Malian people as well as to the defence and security forces, the Vice-President of the Transition, has been obliged to act to preserve the Transitional Charter and to defend the Republic in order to place the President and his Prime Minister and all those involved in the situation out of their prerogatives.
On this occasion, the Vice President of the Transition invites people to go about their business freely and reassures them of the unwavering commitment of the Armed Forces for Defence and Security, to preserve the best interests of the Malian people, in accordance with the spirit and letter of the Transitional Charter. Moreover, the Vice-President of Transition would like to point out that the Transition process is following its normal course and that the planned elections will be held in 2022.
Done at Bamako, 25 May 2021


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