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SENEGAL – TER DE DAKAR: Deficit, Sncf Tone Down  


A year after its inauguration, the TER is well behind its financial goals but also its attendance. A year ago, the SNCF inaugurated the first African TER in Dakar. Guillaume PEPY former boss of SNCF: realize internationally, 30% of the turnover of the house SNCF.

The realization was carried out in record time after the abandonment of the RATP that the Dakarois network also coveted.(…). In just three years, the SETER teams will launch this train from Dakar to Diamniadio.

According to the company’s forecasts, the line would carry 100,000 passengers per day and would reach financial equilibrium after three years. And as a result of this pre-exploitation contract, a new commitment for three years should have followed.

Jean Pierre Farandou, the new Chairman of the SNCF wanted to tighten the terms of the new contract. The president of the SETER Stephane Volant franco-Senegalese and former secretary general of the SNCF opposed.

He was immediately dismissed for being replaced by Pierre Boudier, former Occitanie territorial director, without the Senegalese government having a say.

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So a war has broken out between SNCF and Senegal and the profitability of the TER does not follow due to a forecast deficit in the number of passengers which, instead of 100,000 would be 70,000 per day.

In short, the financial objectives of the Ter are far from being achieved and the new management of the SNCF tightens the tone for a new three-year contract with the country of the teranga, reports 24 hours.

Source: Senegal 7


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