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FRANCE/SENEGAL – Ayouba Sow Founder of the Caridad du Gâtinais association

Ayouba Sow Président Fondateur de l'association Caridad

Ayouba Sow is the Founding President of the Caridad du Gâtinais association which is a community of heroes who have come together to fight poverty in the world and preserve the most important resources: children. It was precisely in the premises of the Caridad du Gâtinais association in Montargis that Ayouba Sow’s team went to meet him.

The goals of the Caridad association…
The Caridad du Gâtinais association aims to fight poverty in the world and to accompany children in their journey to build a better future. Its aim is to provide regular feeding and education programmes for children in need, through humanitarian aid through the distribution of medical supplies to hospitals and orphanages. The other ambition is to consolidate partnerships with local and international charities for greater impact and to be even more effective and stronger in the union of forces and the symbiosis of hearts.

Who is Ayoub Sow…
Ayouba Sow affectionately called Aya is a French of Senegalese origin native of Thiès, a region located 70 kilometers from Dakar. He is the Founding President of the Association Caridad and Head of Operations. Since his hometown of Thiés, Ayouba Sow had begun to invest in social work with an association called “Mouvement des Jeunes Thiessois” where he worked for the development of youth. The creation of the association Caridad du Gâtinais is indeed a continuation of what he was already doing in his hometown.

The “Mouvement des Jeunes Thiessois” has enabled Ayouba Sow to become better known in the Senegalese cultural milieu. He hosted one of the best Hip Hop shows in Dakar entitled «Paris-Dakar Rap Game». It was a television platform that allowed artists to promote their music production and make themselves known. Through its broadcast, Ayouba has contributed a lot to the awakening of consciousness of young Senegalese by sensitizing them on the risks of clandestine emigration. Outside of Senegal, he then had to work with television channels in France.

The achievements of the association Caridad du Gâtinais…
The Caridad du Gâtinais association has carried out many actions in Senegal. Containers loaded with various materials were sent several times to Senegal in Thiès. We can count on the list of donations: medicines, hospital beds, computer equipment, masks and other medical and sanitary equipment intended for the populations. Training has been provided in the field of road prevention. This training helped reduce the number of accidents that occurred on the Aloupe Kagne road at the entrance to the Thiès region.

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From Thiès to Montargis: Elected Representatives on a Partnership Visit
Apart from sending material and training to the people of Thiès, the Caridad du Gâtinais association wanted to go further for this year 2023. It facilitated the meeting between the authorities of the city of Montargis and the elected representatives of the city of Thiès, notably the mayor of Montargis and those of the municipalities of agglomeration of the city. Among the Senegalese delegation Birame Souley Diop Deputy-Mayor Thies Nord; Ousmane Diagne Mayor Thiès Est; Mamadou Djitté Mayor Thiès Ouest; Marie Hélène Dione 1st Deputy Thiès Nord; Ndiogou N’Diaye 1st Deputy Thiès. They had come together to Montargis in France for a ten-day stay. The objective of this visit was to find partnerships in the field of health, education and infrastructure development. The other objective was to be able to discover other methods of work and management of French confreres in their respective commune.

The elected representatives of Thiessois visited the hospital in Montargis, which had greatly helped the region of Thiès during the Covid-19 period by providing them with medical equipment and masks through the voice of the Caridad association. The meetings between the Montargoises and Thiessoises authorities were fruitful with many promises of future collaboration. Ony visits took place at the City Hall of Châlette; the Town Hall of Montargis; the Town Hall of Nogent-sur-Vernisson; the President of Agglomération Montargoise; the President and Mayor of Cergy; the director of the CHAM hospital; in Amilly; in the National Assembly with a special meeting with Deputy Chassaigne André, Member of the French Communist Party.

Ayouba Sow’s message…
Through her commitment and her social activism, Ayouba Sow claims to be fundamentally against injustice and social inequalities. He who had marked with his name the challenge of the Yellow Vests in France, is more determined than ever to fight against the social imbalance. He finally launched a message of awareness particular to the young people of Montargois and especially Thiessois. He urged them not to forget where they came from and to contribute to the development and outreach of their community. To the Mayors of Thiès, he renewed his confidence in his desire to make the region of Thiès an economic and tourist pole. He also wished them every success in their project of development of their region.


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